8 Tested Ways to Think of New Blog Post Ideas

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I remember how challenging it was to think of new blog post ideas when I first started my blog.

I mean, I was sure that I didn’t have all that much to say.

Here I am, 2 years later and the ideas continue to flow. But don’t feel alone if you’re struggling to think of things to write about.

I have been there. It’s just that I’ve learnt certain strategies to use in order to brainstorm new post topics.

This isn’t a list full of blog post ideas for you. That wouldn’t be overly helpful because there are so many different blog niche’s.

However, I do have 8 tested ways that work to help you brainstorm new post topic ideas for your blog.

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How to Think of new Blog Post Ideas:

#1 List out Ideas

This may seem really obvious but I’m aiming this at beginner bloggers. You’re looking for first blog post ideas but you just don’t know where to start.

Here is what I recommend:

Grab a notebook or open a Word doc if that’s how you prefer to work. Once you’re ready, list out as many ideas as you can think of.

That may be one or it may be fifty, but just do it anyway.

If you’re really struggling then you could do a quick Google or Pinterest search for first blog post examples. It might be what you need to spark an idea.

You see, the more you write, the more ideas you’ll think of as you go.

The other thing is that you’ll be learning all the time. When I started my parenting blog my children were 1 and 4-months. Now I have three children and they’re 4, 2 and 5-months.

I’ve learnt a lot more about parenting during the time I’ve been blogging, so naturally I have more topics to write on.

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#2 Elaborate

Here’s the key that unlocks the first step (and lots of blog post ideas!).

Once you’ve listed out some ideas, you want to elaborate on those. So, for instance, say you’ve got an idea to write a post about ways to fit in time to exercise as a mum.

Think about that post and what other posts might complement it.

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Perhaps you could write a post about the best strollers for jogging, or the importance of self-care in motherhood.

Do that with each of the posts that you have listed and before you know it, you’ll have a lot more ideas of things to write about.

#3 Use Old Posts

This tip is very similar to the one I mentioned above but it is done by using exisiting content.

If you’ve been blogging for a while go and take a look at your most popular posts.

Is there another post that you could write that would add value to the current one? Are you referencing someone else’s article within your post that you could create yourself.

I’m not talking about copying there content, but creating your own with your own voice and information.

Even if you don’t have standout popular posts, you can still go back through your content and see where there are holes that could be filled.


#4 Keyword Research

This tip is not only good for getting new blog post ideas, but it is also going to potentially generate a lot more traffic for your blog.

Taking the time to do some keyword research will help you think strategically about popular blog topics that fit in your niche.

I use and love the tool Keysearch for doing this.

It is not only good for finding potentially profitable keywords, but also great for tracking your ranking keywords and reporting on your competition.

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If you are a beginner blogger or are just starting to delve into SEO then I seriously recommend signing up for an account.

You can pay annually or monthly and get a 20% discount with this code: KSDISC

Sign up for Keysearch here.

#5 Pinterest Trends

Another form of keyword research can be done using Pinterest. When you are just starting out as a blogger, Pinterest is a great tool for drumming up some traffic while you’re working on SEO for Google.

Think of Pinterest as a short-term traffic solution and Google as a long-term one.

I’ve got a post and a free course that guides you through the entire process of setting up your Pinterest account to explode your blog traffic.

You can find it here.

Once you have your Pinterest account set up and ready to go, you can focus on finding trending topics.

Tailwind actually has a guide that tells you what you should be pinning for each month.

You can also search for keywords by heading to the search bar and typing in a word or two from your niche.

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Pinterest will give you suggestions in the dropdown menu. You can click on any one you like.

You’ll then see that under the search bar with the term in it will be a whole lot of boxes with other related words in them.

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You can further target your post idea by clicking on them. This is a great way of coming up with blog post ideas that are going to be popular on Pinterest!

#6 Use a Theme

Another great way of coming up with ideas is to use a theme for a month.

You don’t have to stick with the theme exclusively, but it can be a good way of focusing on a particular topic and hashing out a bunch of great, related content.

I do this with my parenting blog and it helps me to create a solid editorial calendar in a very short amount of time.

#7 Poll Your Community

If you haven’t yet built up much of a community then a good way of finding out what readers are looking for is to ask questions in related Facebook groups.

If you’re in some mom groups you could ask what their biggest struggles are in motherhood.

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What answers are they looking for?

If you do have an established community, then do the same. Use your email list or your social media accounts to generate some interest and get some feedback.

It’ll give you some post ideas and then once you’ve written them you can return with the link and hopefully get some traffic.

#8 Experience Posts

Here is an example of an experience post: Why I Chose Formula Over Breastfeeding

This is a bit of a different way of thinking about what blog posts you could write.

So much of what will define your brand will be made up of your thoughts and experiences.

There are a ton of mom blogs out there, so why would anyone bother reading more than one?

Its simple.

People are drawn to you as a person, not just the information you provide. They long for the human voice and experience within an article.

Your take on a certain subject will likely be different to mine because we are different people.

So, think about you experiences with certain things within your niche. Is there something that you think other people might be able to relate to?

Although we want to focus on SEO and strategic post ideas, occasionally your audience might just want a post that helps to validate their feelings.

I know that this is particularly true in the parenting niche. Parents want to feel heard and made to feel like they’re not the only ones struggling.

You don’t want all of your posts to be written this way, but so long as its balanced, they can also be helpful.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use your existing ideas to elaborate on
  2. Do keyword research for both Google and Pinterest
  3. Think about how you can provide value to your readers
  4. Utilize your community to gather data
  5. Don’t be afraid to share your unique experiences

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