22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now

22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now

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You’ve made a start on your blog and if you’ve read my post on how to pick a niche, you’ve likely chosen one that can be monetized in some way or another.

A very popular way people monetize their blogs is by using affiliate links.

What are affiliate links and how do you use them?

Well, you place the link somewhere on your blog whether that be in content or a banner ad. If someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase then you will receive a percentage of that sale.

It can be a brilliant way of setting up a passive income stream.

Once you’ve put the link into your content all you need to do is market that post in whichever way you choose.

Text about affiliate programs for bloggers

People visiting your blog will click on that link and you can literally make money while you sleep.

Affiliate income is a small part of my income at the moment, but it is steadily growing and I’m working towards improving it even more.

I recently completed the course Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Carly Campbell. It was absolutely amazing and full of SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

I’m very skeptical when it comes to courses as so many of them are full of fluff and nonsense.

Carly’s course, however, is a gem and you won’t be disappointed with the mountains of valuable information she provides.

You can get access to the course HERE. Or, you can grab her Affiliate Marketing course AND her Pinteresting Strategies course (also, seriously high value!) in an awesome bundle deal! Check that out HERE.

When you are a new blogger it can be difficult to know which affiliate programs to apply to.

I have compiled a list of affiliate programs that are highly recommended, several of which I use myself.

I’ve also tried to group them according to niche topics and then put several in a ‘general’ category.

Take a look and have fun applying!

22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now


Ultimate Bundles

The ultimate bundle affiliate program can be quite lucrative, especially if you have a loyal email list.

There are different bundles for different niches that they share throughout the year at a heavily discounted price.

Affiliates market the bundles and get a commission.

  • 40% commission
  • paid via Paypal

Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. It is easy to apply for and because there is such a broad range of products available it is applicable to almost any niche.

  • 2-5% commission
  • payment made via bank, or cheque
  • international affiliates have to be paid by cheque unless using Payoneer


Another popular affiliate network. ShareaSale is like an umbrella program for many different merchants. For instance, merchants such as Tailwind, PicMonkey, and Wayfair all run their affiliate programs through ShareaSale

  • over 3,900 merchants
  • training webinars
  • multiple payment options
  • international


eBay is obviously a huge market place and so it is great to be able to subscribe to their affiliate program.

  • earn 50-75% of ebay’s commission
  • 24hr cookie
  • monthly payment if threshold ($10) is met
  • international


Similarly to ShareaSale, Rakuten is another umbrella affiliate program.

  • great affiliate tools
  • good support
  • comprehensive list of merchants


Skimlinks is like an automated affiliate service. You place a code on your blog and Skimlinks does the job of converting regular links into affiliate ones.

  • 48,500 merchants
  • international
  • free to join but they take 25% of your commissions


Target’s products are highly popular and their affiliate program isn’t half bad.

  • Earn up to 8% commission
  • 7-day cookie
  • international

22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now

Blogging/Web Services:


A popular webhosting company.

  • free to join
  • earn $65 + per sign up
  • great support and communication
  • ad banners and links available
  • international


Another popular webhosting company. I personally use them to host this blog.

  • more customers = higher payout
  • weekly payment
  • no payment threshold
  • great marketing materials
  • excellent support


An email service company. I am personally using them for the mailing list for this blog. Their affiliate program is generous and their support is brilliant.

  • 30% monthly commission
  • paid monthly
  • paid via Paypal
  • statistics overview
  • international


Teachable is an online course platform.

  • 30% commission
  • 90-day cookie
  • monthly payments


Payoneer allows you to create a local bank account in the States. This is particularly helpful for international bloggers/businesses. Often times it can be costly or difficult to receive international payments, but Payoneer simplifies that.

  • paid per sign up
  • helpful marketing materials
  • statistics reports


SEMrush is a comprehesive platform that delves into the world of SEO.

  • earn 40% commission
  • great support
  • prompt monthly payment


Grammarly boast of a high conversion rate (20-30%). Their service is widely used and growing in popularity.

  • $0.20 per free registration
  • $20 per Premium plan purchase
  • 90-day cookie
  • perks for top performing affiliates
22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now


Adobe Creative Cloud

With such a great variety of products and services, Adobe is a great affiliate program to join.

  • 30-day cookie
  • publisher incentives for promoting exclusive deals
  • commissions vary based on products purchased


A user-friendly graphic design & photo editing platform.

  • 25% recurring commission
  • 30-day cookie
  • international
  • can apply via ShareASale


A perfect affiliate program for design and craft bloggers.

  • 5% commission
  • tips, advice and support

Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform that offers a vast array of digital design tools.

  • 10% commission
    Earn recurring commissions for up to a year

Font Bundles

Font Bundles offers a bunch of font options. They have some free products as well as paid.

  • 25% commission
  • life-time recurring commission
  • paid out within 48-hours
  • international

Design Bundles

  • 25% commission
  • life-time recurring commission
  • paid out within 48-hours
  • international

22 Affiliate Programs You Need to Know About Now



One of the largest accommodation booking companies in the world.

  • commission per booking
  • helpful support team
  • customisable
  • international


Another large booking company.

  • 50% commission
  • access to a great support team
  • incentive programs

As you can see, there is an abundance of affiliate networks to choose from. My advice would be to apply to the bigger networks to begin with and go from there.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, so try to focus on the products that you would be the most likely to promote. Then base your applications on those.

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