Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

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Wondering which blogging resources to go with?

It can be completely overwhelming at the start. You know you want to start a blog and you’ve chosen your niche, but now the rest of the choices begin.

Which host should you go with? What theme should you choose?

You’ve got to set up an email list, but which provider should you go with?

So, so, so many choices!

You’ll find my recommendations for basic blog services in this post –> How to Start a Blog and Be Successful in 2019

In this post, I share my comprehensive list of blogging resources. The ones that I use and love.

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17 Awesome Blogging Resources:



This is the hosting company that I use for my website. I have found their service to be very user-friendly and have had a great experience with them.

Their customer service is spoken highly of and their pricing is very reasonable.

siteground logo

Get Siteground now for over 65% off!

Plans start for as little as $3.95/mo (12 months due upfront)

Through Siteground you’ll get:

  • Free SSL
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free backup

If you already have a blog but wish to switch servers then you can choose their GrowBig plan and get free site transfer as well.

Sign up for SiteGround Hosting.

siteground pricing

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This is the host that I use for my parenting blog.

Their customer service is brilliant and their pricing is very reasonable.

Check them out here: WPOPT Hosting

Their entry plan is $19.99p/m which makes it perfect for blogs that are growing steadily.

  • Free migration
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Daily site backups
  • Free SSL

Awesome Blogging Resources for Email


Guys, I’ve read about ConvertKit all over the blogging community. Seriously.

It comes highly recommended.

But you know what? I ignored the recommendations because I didn’t feel as though the investment was worth it.

When I started up this blog, I did my research a bit more and at the end of the day, ConvertKit won out.

The user interface, the promptness of their email service, and their brilliant customer support beat every other service, hands down.

They keep it simple and yet beautiful at the same time.

You can:

  • Get a free trial
  • Build stunning forms and landing pages
  • Convert your audience
  • Create effective email automation and sequences
  • Organise your subscribers

Get your free trial of ConvertKit here –> ConvertKit Sign Up


Mailerlite is a service that I’ve used on my parenting blog for a good long while now.

You are able to:

Create custom forms to integrate on your site.

  • Design automated email campaigns.
  • Send out newsletters.
  • Link Google Analytics.
  • Free up to 1000 subscribers.

It has become another traffic source for my blog which in turn generates more income.

Plans start at $0 and go up from there depending on the number of subscribers you have and the features you want access to.

Sign Up for Mailerlite –> Free Mailerlite Account

Awesome Blogging Resources for Design


I have used PicMonkey, Canva, and Photoshop to design and create pins. At the end of the day, Photoshop is my favourite.

I can create pins that have my own unique style and branding. For the monthly subscription, I get so much more versatility than any other design service offers.

Yes, there are free services out there and they have their place. But, if you’re looking to really grow your brand then Photoshop is the way to go.


Adobe Illustrator is what I use to create all of my printables. I’ve also used it to design my blog logos.

As well as the two blogs that I run, I also have an Etsy store where I sell digital downloads such as wall art and design templates.

Adobe Illustrator meets all my needs in that regard.


I only discovered Lightroom a few months ago, but oh how I have fallen in love!

If you are someone that takes a lot of your own photos and likes to use them on your blog then in my opinion, Lightroom is a must.

The editing capabilities are vast and yet it has a very user-friendly interface.

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

Creative Market

Wondering how people create beautiful printables and logos with stunning graphics?

One of the answers is Creative Market.

You will find fonts and graphics that will suit your every want. And you can create designs that will be unique to you.

Awesome Blogging Resources for your Workspace

Not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated room to use as a workspace.

I have a little corner in our living room that works for me. In truth, it works best because that is where the children are.

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog


My desk isn’t big. It is just over a metre wide, but it does everything I need it to for now. There is lots of storage and it is white, which I love.

It is the Ikea Micke desk and you can get it here –> Micke Desk


I splurged on a new computer at the end of 2018. I did a ton of research before spending my hard-earned dollars and I am so pleased with my decision.

Previous to this, I had a cheap Lenovo laptop that died after less than 2 years of use.

I was less than impressed.

So, when I was deciding which computer to go with, one of my main ‘wants’ was to get one that would last me years.

I also decided to go with a desktop over a laptop because I work best at a designated work station and I don’t travel often.

The desktop computer I went with was the 27″ iMac.

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

It. is. a. dream.

Seriously. It has sped up my workflow so much!

You can find it here –> 27″ iMac


I upgraded my office chair recently. I was using a cheap one that I had purchased from Kmart.

It looked okay, but it was incredibly uncomfortable.

The chair I now have isn’t an office chair, but an upholstered dining chair.

It is super comfortable and looks really good and doesn’t look out of place in our living area.

Get it here –> Regent Dining Chair

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

Awesome Blogging Resources for an Efficient Workflow


I work best with a hybrid of paper and digital planning tools. I refer to a digital calendar, but I still use my paper calendar the most.

You can get the calendars that I use for free over at

I designed them all with practicality and aesthetics in mind.

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog


I have been using the same planner for 3 years now and I still love it.

You’ll find an in-depth review of the Mom on the Go Planner over on

It works beautifully to cater for all my business and personal planning needs.

Plus, its price point is a lot more reasonable than many of the other paper planners that are out there.

Find it here –> Mom on the Go Planner

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog


All day every day. I will never have enough notebooks. I use them constantly for jotting down ideas, brainstorming, and just brain dumping in general.

When I want to brainstorm I use a really big notebook/pad. Then have two smaller ones, one for each of my blogs that contain blog post ideas.

And then I have another one that I just use for miscellaneous things.

Of course, I know not everyone needs that many, but that is how I work.

Find some great ones here –>Notebooks

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog


If we’re going to talk about awesome blogging resources, then we have to talk about Tailwind.

I’ve been using it for a long time on my parenting blog and I know for sure that my blog wouldn’t be what it is today without it.

Not only does it bring a huge amount of traffic to my website, but it saves me a heck of a lot of time as well.

It is a Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to bulk schedule Pins and basically put your Pinterest account on autopilot. I love it!

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

If you are a new blogger, then Tailwind is not something to ignore.

Make the investment, learn how to use it effectively and you will have no regrets.

You can sign up for a free trial which includes 100 pins.

For my parenting blog, I am signed up to their Plus plan + their Max Smartloop plan and I continue to see great results.

Sign up for your FREE trial here –> Tailwind Sign Up

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog



Taking your own pictures for your blog can really help to set you apart.

I do use stock photos, but I also love to whip out our Canon DSLR to get some unique and personal shots.

If you already own one, then learn how to use it.

If you don’t, and it is in your budget, then it could be a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to stay away from stock photos.

Find a great camera here –> Canon DSLR


If you don’t wish to invest in an expensive camera then another option is just to utilize something that you might already have.

Most smartphones have a decent camera these days and can be useful for blog images.

Awesome Blogging Resources: Everything You Need to Run a Blog

I have an iPhone 7 and I use it for blog images, Instagram, and a mobile workstation.

I don’t go away often, but when I do I’m still able to log into most of my business services and track my blog.

P.S You can get refurbished phones (that are basically like a brand new phone) direct from Apple for a more affordable price!

Find my phone here –> iPhone 7

I hope that this list of awesome blogging resources will help enhance your work flow and boost your blog!

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