26 of the Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know About

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If you hate cleaning the bathroom then you need to read about these bathroom cleaning hacks.

You see, there are other moms out there…just like you, who despise having to scrub down the bathroom every week.

However, we all still want the bathroom to stay relatively clean.

That might not have seemed like much of an ask before you had kids…but now you’re dealing with little people that have no respect for your clean vanity countertops.

Toddlers love to be independent. Am I right in saying that toddler independence and toothpaste just aren’t all that wonderful?

Let’s not even mention potty training…

Forget all the challenges that come with trying to keep a semi-sanitary home while also raising small children…let’s just get stuck into the hacks that can make it all a bit easier.

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The Best Tools for Cleaning Your Bathroom

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure you have the correct tools for cleaning your bathroom.

Here are a few of my favorite that I recommend you invest in:

Simple Steps to Clean Your Bathroom

Remove unnecessary items – After getting all your tools together, start the cleaning process by removing everything from the vanity top and other surfaces that will require cleaning.

I usually put any items like that in the hallway so I can just clean without having to move things during the process.

Remove used towels – Take out any towels that have been used and put them in the laundry.

Start by dusting surfaces – Dust anything that needs to be done. You could do the extractor fan, windowsills, and baseboards. If you have any decorative items, dust those down now too.

Wipe down shelving & countertops – Take a damp cloth and wipe down all the surfaces that need it. I usually do the vanity top, the windowsills, the shower shelves, and the baseboards.

Clean the mirror – I always use my window vacuum to do this.

Wash the bath/shower – Use your cleaner of choice along with a soft cleaning brush to get rid of any grime.

Clean the toilet – I also empty the trash and replace toilet rolls as needed.

Vacuum & Mop – Finish off by cleaning the floors.

Replace Towels – Add some fresh clean towels and you’re done!

Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Use a Window Vacuum

Use a window vacuum to quickly clean mirrors and even shower panels. I've owned one of these for over 4 years now and it is so awesome and cleaning glass super quick and easy. I usually just wipe down the glass with water (sometimes cleaning spray) and then use the vacuum to clean it all up.

Reuse an Old Toothbrush

Use a toothbrush - If you're like our family, you find yourself replacing toothbrushes on the regular. Don't throw the old ones away! Instead, use it to clean those gross corners and crevices in your shower or bath that you can't reach with a regular cleaning tool.

Keep Toys Clean

Do your kids have a multitude of bath toys? The best way I've found to keep them as clean as possible is to store them in a breathable basket like this one.

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