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The Best Planners for Working Moms that are Pretty and Practical

Looking for the best planners for working moms? This post has you covered!

We live in a time where digital tools and resources are ever-expanding. However, paper planners are still very popular.

There’s something about having things written out that just works better for some people (myself included).

I’ve worked hard to compile a list of the best planners for busy moms. Whether your work outside the home or stay at home with your children, life still requires some organizing.

Staying productive and balanced as a mom is no easy feat, but using a planner is one way that can help you to achieve those goals.

This article will give you all the information you need to decide which planner will work best for yourself and the needs of your family.

No time to read?

7 of the Best Planners for Working Moms 2020:

Mom writing in planner while holding babt

Why You Want to Use a Paper Planner

When there are digital planners available why on earth would you want to use a paper planner?

When we’re talking about choosing a planner for working moms it is important to first address why a paper planner is even necessary in the first place.

Here are a few key points to consider:

#1 Writing Helps You to Remember

This isn’t just something that I’m throwing out there. It is backed by actual research.

Taking the time to physically write things down helps with memory retention as well as understanding concepts.

Baby brain is also a real thing, so if you’re a mom struggling to keep track of things, a paper planner may just be your saving grace.

#2 It is a Creative Outlet

Not everyone will use a planner in this manner, but to many people, using a paper planner is a great creative outlet.

You can go crazy with designing and decorating it the way you want with the use of stickers, pens, tabs, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Mom planners don’t have to be boring and only work-related.

Planning out your week can also be therapeutic if you enjoy decorating your planner at the same time.

#3 More User-Friendly

Overall, a paper planner is just easier to use than a digital planner.

There’s no need to figure out how the software works when all you need is paper and pen.

You also won’t get inundated by annoying reminders that you forgot to cancel.

Important Features Every Planner Should Have

While there are a multitude of paper planners available there are some features that warrant mentioning.

Every person uses their planner at least slightly differently. As moms, we obviously all also have children that also have events and reminders that require tracking.

Therefore, the planner that you choose needs to be able to work for you.

There is more to a planner than how pretty the front cover is. The best planners for moms are the ones that are focused on balancing both work and family life.

They also cater to your personality. Do you like goal setting? Recording memories? Tracking expenses?

Those are all worth considering when you decide to purchase a new planner.

#1 Budget

How much do you have to spend?

That really does make a difference to what options you should be looking at. The best planner on this list is packed full of bang for your buck!

#2 How Organized Do You Need to Be?

Do you like to record every minute of every day? Or, are you able to go with the flow a bit more?

Take that into consideration when choosing your planner.

Some may come with a ton of options that are vastly customizable, but if that overwhelms you, it simply won’t work.

Woman holding planner

#1 Different Calendar Views

Having different calendar views really is very important. While it is nice to compartmentalize things and work on a daily or weekly basis, it also makes it easy to forget or miss important appointments.

Having a monthly calendar view in your planner is a great way to get an overall visual of what you have coming up.

You can then break that down into weekly or daily views and just focus on the immediate events that you need to remember and plan for.

#4 Spare Note Pages

Often times we need a space to jot down a list, or brainstorm an idea. For that reason, every good planner should come with additional pages for doing just that.

#5 Customisable Options

As I touched on previously, we all use our planners differently. So, while a planner may come with templates, it is super important that there is some element of flexibility.

You should be able to add your own headings and customise pages to work in a way that makes sense to you.

#6 Size

Think about how and where you will use your planner. Do you work from home or out of the home?

Is it going to need to fit in your purse?

The size of the planner that you choose will make an impact on how easily you’ll be able to transport it.

Comparison Chart

Bloom Daily Planner


Mom on the Go Planner

Mom on the Go Planner


Erin Condren Life Planner


Clever Fox Planner


The Happy Planner


The Blue Sky Planner


Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer


Planner Overviews:

#1 Bloom Daily Planner

The name of the planner could be considered slightly confusing as it is actually more of a weekly planner.

You’ll find a horizontal weekly view to be the set up inside with 2 different monthly calendar views.

It is small enough to fit inside a bag and be carried around which makes it useful for busy moms or students.

Speaking of students, it also has an area for writing down class times.


  • Compact
  • Simple design
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Affordable


  • Maybe overly simple
  • Thin but quite wide

#2 Mom on the Go Planner

The Mom on the Go Planner is amazing and is the planner that I have personally used for the past three years.

It has been tailored specifically to meet the needs of busy moms that need a place for everything.

That includes family, personal, and work life.

You’ll find 2 monthly calendar views, a weekly view, and a ton of other highly beneficial features.

Check out this full review of the 2019 Mom on the Go Planner to see a more in-depth view of what it has to offer.

You’ll also find a great planner review in the video below. It is from 2017, but the core foundation of the planner has remained the same.


  • Incredibly comprehensive
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Holiday planning sections
  • Family-focused
  • Designed especially for moms
  • Affordable price-point
  • Interchangeable covers


  • Potential for under-utilized sections
  • Could be “too much” for some people

#3 The Erin Condren Planner

The Erin Condren planners are well known and used.

Their Life planner is beautifully designed and can be personalized for your preference.

There are 3 different weekly views which you can choose from before you place your order.

Simple, yet comprehensive, it is a great option.


  • Beautifully designs
  • Customizable but not overwhelming
  • Simple yet comprehensive design
  • Comes with stickers
  • Interchangeable covers


  • More expensive price point
  • Not as comprehensive as the Mom on the Go Planner (which is more affordable!)

#4 Clever Fox Planner

This undated planner is heavily focused on goal-setting.

Not just that, but it really helps you to hone in on what you want to achieve and how to really do that by limiting your to-do list.

The fact that it is un-dated gives you a bit more control over how you use it.

You’ll find it to be almost a combination of a typical journal and a bullet journal.


  • Very customizable
  • Simple, classic design
  • 3x sheets of stickers included
  • Goal & productivity oriented


  • Color palette may not appeal to everyone
  • Fairly basic and not family focused

#5 The Happy Planner

This is truly a planner for the creatives out there. You will be able to customize it to your heart’s content!

Start with choosing your planner, then customize it by choosing which pages you want, and finally, accessorize!

The possibilities are endless with this one.


  • Insanely customizable!
  • Very asthetically pleasing
  • As big or as little as you choose


  • Pricey!
  • Not a one-and-done product (you have to take the time to customize it all)

#6 Blue Sky Planner

This is a great planner if you’re looking for something simple with a classy design.

It is very goal-oriented and will suit you well if you like daily to-do lists and goal-setting.

It includes a list of public holidays and highlights them on the calendars.

You’ll find a monthly calendar view as well as weekly.


  • Simple and classy design
  • Perfect for goal-setters!
  • Not overly complicated or overwhelming and therefore simple to use


  • Not very customizable
  • Some strange layout choices and limitations on how you can use the planner as a result.
  • Not ideal if you like to use stickers as it doesn’t have much room for bulk

#7 Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer

If you’re looking for a planner that has been created with family in mind but you don’t need all the frills, then this is ideal for you.

This planner gives you everything you need as far as planning goes but also has places for writing to-do lists, jotting down grocery items, and meal planning.

The low price point is just an added bonus!


  • Very easy to use
  • Created and tested by parents for parents
  • Very affordable


  • Simple no-frills design
  • Limited calendar views

The Best Planner for Working Moms 2020

So, which planner is the best out of these 7?

It is difficult to give a straight answer because of how uniquely we each plan our days and organize our time.

However, if we consider value for money as well as functionality and customization, there is a clear winner.

That planner is the Mom on the Go Planner.

mom on the go planner

Yes, I’ve been using it for the past 3 years, but writing this post forced me to really look into the other options that are out there and available.

While many of them are pretty and functional, no other planner comes close to what you get in the Mom on the Go Planner.

It gives you almost endless customization options and allows you to plan and cater for every member of your family.

As a working mom, it is especially important for me to be able to fit both personal and work life in one planner.

It is just too much hassle and work to be going back and forth between different sources.

Moms need life balance and that is exactly what the Mom on the Go Planner allows you to work towards.

What I Can Do With this Awesome Planner

I can “brain dump” on the spare note pages found in every month’s section. I can meal plan, write grocery lists, and track my budget.

This planner allows me to keep track of both work and personal events all on one page. Plus, I am able to plan out my work content using the second-month calendar view.

It’s weekly page spread is the most customizable one that I’ve come across.

Honestly, I could sing its praises all day long!

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here is a testimonial from another woman who has also purchased and used the Mom on the Go Planner.

Being a busy mom of four and transitioning from a full- time stay at home mom to a work from home mom has been a challenge. With this planner, I’m easily able to organize all of my workflow as well as keep up with all of our family events! I don’t know how I ever survived without it.
Emily Parker

If you do decide to purchase the Mom on the Go Planner then you won’t want to pass up the gorgeous accessories that they have on offer.

You’ll find that they really improve your experience (as if that was necessary, it is amazing!).

Perfect Planner Accessories

Even if you aren’t a big fan of using stickers and accessories, simply using colored pens can make a big difference in the functionality of your planner.

I rarely use planner stickers but I do rely heavily on color-coding using markers. I also use a bookmark or two to keep place of important places in my planner that I refer to often.

If you’re just starting out with using a paper planner then these are accessories that are worth checking out.

Other Tips for Productivity

While having a planner is wonderful and a very useful tool, it will be completely useless if you don’t actually use it.

I’ve given you a great amount of information about choosing the right daily planner for moms, but you still need to put in some work.

Take the time to create a routine where you regularly refer to it and update the information inside.

Play around with the different ways you use it.

I’ve recently switched the way I am using the weekly view in my planner and I’m liking it a lot more.

Don’t feel bad if stickers aren’t your thing. Just do what works for you and stick with it. There is no need to compare.

Infographic about the best planners for working moms

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Thursday 9th of May 2019

Love the post. Just wondering if you have a seperate planner for your blogging? I use a bullet journal for my day to day which I love but just a standard simple planner for my blog.

Christine Keys

Thursday 9th of May 2019

Hi Deborah. I use the Mom on the Go Planner for everything. Because it has several different calendar views, I'm able to use different sections for personal/blogging. :)