Which is the Best – Blogging vs Youtube?

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Blogging vs Youtube. I remember thinking about which one I should undertake several year ago.

You’re likely reading this with the same thought?

Is blogging or vlogging better? Which one is more profitable?

The truth is that like anything, they both have their pros and cons. Not everyone is going to be suited for running a blog. Neither is everyone going to enjoy (or be good at) doing Youtube.

This post is here to give you a really good idea about what is involved in running a Youtube channel and a blog.

That way you can make an informed decision about which one might be best for you.

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Blogging vs Youtube: Are Vlogs Better than Blogs?

The future is in video!

No one reads blogs anymore.

Have you heard or read either one of these statements before? I know I have, many times.

And each time I basically want to do a great big face palm.

So yes, video is quite clearly a huge industry now. I’m one of the many millions of people that tune into Youtube on a fairly regular basis and enjoy what content creators have to offer.

However…let’s just focus on the second statement that I listed above.

No one reads blogs anymore…hmmm.

Can I ask? How many people do you think use Pinterest?

250 million per MONTH. That’s how many. (source)

And of those that do chances are that at least 90% of the time, when they click on a pin and through to the site, they’re landing on someone’s blog.

Or, when they search for something on Google. Again, there’s a super high chance that they’re going to wind up clicking onto someone’s blog and scrolling through their content.

In fact, they may very well click through to MORE of their content and spend a good while on their site.

So yes, people still read blogs. However, blogs aren’t what they used to be a decade ago, at least not successful ones.

Gone are the days of online journals. No one really cares about your itinerary for the week. Instead, readers are after value.

They want content that answers their burning questions.

Successful blogs are the ones that are doing just that.

So, is vlogging better than blogging? The honest answer is…it depends.

You’ll find that the more you get into this post, the more you’ll see how many varying factors there are to consider and why one shoe definitely does not fit all.

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What You Need to Consider

When making the decision as to whether or not you want to blog or vlog, there are several really important things that you need to take into consideration.

I firmly believe that with enough work and consistency, you can be successful in either industry, however, you may find that one is more of a natural fit than the other, simply due to the factors we’ll discuss below.


Before starting a Youtube channel or a blog, you really need to at least have a vague idea of what your niche will be.

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Let me warn you that over time it will likely change as you figure out what you really want to pursue, but you still want to have an overall idea of what topic you’re going to be talking about.

Is it mostly a product-based niche? Perhaps that would lend itself really well to reviews and video tutorials?

Mom blogs are popular for a reason. We don’t often have time to sit and watch videos in peace and quiet, so being able to read content is a lot more practical.

Take a moment to really think about the niche you’re going to be targeting and if it would suit video or written format better.


The next thing to consider is your current skill set.

Now, I would never let your lack of knowledge deter you from starting a blog or Youtube channel, but it could be that you are naturally skilled in an area that would lend itself well to blogging or vlogging.

Have you got experience with video editing? Or, an education in writing perhaps?

No matter where you start, you’re going to end up learning a whole bunch of new skills. Or, at least you should if you’re actively trying to grow your business.

Don’t let lack of skills slow you down, but do sit back and think about what you’re already good at and how those things could help give you a head start.

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Along with your niche, it is very wise to be considering your potential audience before you create your blog or Youtube channel.

What age are they? What gender? Where do they live?

If you have a younger audience, I can guarantee that they’ll be very much into video.

However, as I mentioned above, moms tend to do better with written content, purely from a practical standpoint.

That doesn’t mean that ALL moms prefer written content, but you need to be thinking of your audience as more than just an age range.

Think about what that person might be doing in a day and how your content would practically fit into it.


Another important thing to consider is your budget.

Sure, you can start making Youtube videos without spending much (if anything) on filming and editing gear.

If you already have a smartphone like an IPhone or Samsung then you can probably film fairly good videos from the get-go.

Plus, there are a few free editing software tools out there that will do just fine for a beginner.

However, if you don’t have a smartphone or decent camera, your initial costs could be fairly significant.

With blogging, it can be started for almost nothing and with very little to lose.

You can get hosting for less than $4 a month and use a free WordPress theme to begin with.

Sure, there are about a million blogging tools that are going to be recommended to you, but when you’re just starting out, you can ignore most of them and just work on creating really great content.

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Youtube vs Blogging Earning Potential

Here’s what you really want to know though, right?

What kind or income earning potential do bloggers and Youtubers have?

Are the numbers that are so often thrown around just pie in the sky?

Here’s the thing, you absolutely can make money doing either Youtube or blogging, but there is no silver bullet.

It takes work, time, and dedication.

Here’s a post about several mom bloggers that are making good money in the parenting niche.

Do Bloggers or Youtubers Make More Money?

Here’s the thing…I don’t really know because no one has ever done a study that interviews a decent segment from both industries and compared them.

However, what I do know is this:

There are bloggers that make A LOT of money (like six figures A MONTH!) and there are bloggers that make no money at all.

There are Youtubers that are killing it in income on a daily basis, and there are those that are making nothing to pennies.

You’re going to find that fairly standard across both industries.

You’ll also find people saying that blogging (or Youtube) is saturated and that making money in either industry is really difficult.

The truth is that yes, it isn’t as easy as posting a video and becoming a millionaire, but it also isn’t as difficult and impossible as those nay-sayers make out.

Think about any business that a person may start. Some succeed, some fail. Some make money quickly, while others take a few years to mature.

Becoming a successful blogger or Youtuber is not something you should expect to happen overnight.

As a rule, I say to give it two years of complete dedication before you decide if it is or is not working for you.

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The one thing that is vitally important in both blogging and vlogging is that you diversify your income source.

Truly successful bloggers and vloggers never rely on just one source of income.

You’ll find that they use things such as:

And so on…

Making money from the ads on Youtube is never going to fully pay the bills, especially when they have the power to turn them off whenever they please.

Diversify your income (and traffic!) sources and you’ll be far more likely to have consistent success.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Blogging


  • Low start up costs
  • Perfect for introverts
  • Many options for monetization
  • Control over your platform
  • An endless creative outlet
  • You can write just about anywhere


  • Takes time to make money
  • So much to learn!
  • Plenty of competition

Pros & Cons of Youtube


  • Low start up costs if you already own a smartphone or camera
  • Free (although limited) content promotion from Youtube
  • A great creative outlet
  • Room to grow and change your content
  • Ability to have a slightly broader niche


  • Gear can be very expensive
  • Time-consuming to set up a filming space (especially if it can’t be left up!)
  • Not always practical to film
  • You don’t own your platform

You’ll notice that I mentioned owning your platform in the list of pros & cons. This is something that you should really consider.

Youtube can take down your content any time they wish. Or, at the very least, de-monetize your videos.

Of course, this isn’t the norm, but it does happen and should be considered.

You’ll find that the most successful Youtubers aren’t making their money from Youtube ads, but from sponsorships and product sales.

The ability to scale your income is always something worth pondering as it could very well be a major deciding factor for you.

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What Should You Do?

I can’t tell you whether or not you should go into blogging or vlogging.

I have had experience with both and can see potential in both industries. Youtube was where I started, and then I moved to blogging.

One day, I’d love to invest more time in Youtube again, but with three young children at home with me 24/7, that just isn’t a possibility right now.

What I will suggest is that you don’t have to exclusively be a blogger or a vlogger. You can definitely be both!

I have vlogs on my Youtube channel with links to relevant blog posts in the description.

In reality, every serious Youtuber should have a website of some sort that their readers can visit in the case that Youtube decides to shut them down for whatever reason.

Whichever choice you make, be sure to give it time before you decide whether it is working or not.

Follow those that have done well and mirror their techniques. There’s a reason they’ve reached success.

Learn from them and apply it to your own strategies.

How to Start a Blog

If you do decide that you’d like to start a blog then I have a full and in-depth tutorial here on how to do just that in this post.

However, what would be even better for you is if you sign up for my free Blog Launch email series where I’ll take you through all of the important aspects of setting up and monetizing your blog.

How to Start a Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel is fairly easy and straight forward. This post will take you through all of the important steps and get you started in the right direction.

Blogging vs Youtube: How to Decide Which to Choose

Blogging vs Youtube: How to Decide Which to Choose


  1. Consider your niche. Make sure to think about the topic you are going to be focusing on and which platform would suit it better.
  2. Think about the skills you have. Are you particularly skilled in a certain area that would pair well with either being a blogger or a Youtuber?
  3. Understand you audience. You need to have at least a general understanding of what audience you're going to try and target. Think about which kind of platform they'll likely use the most.
  4. Don't ignore your budget. This is something to take into consideration because if you don't already own a camera or smartphone, the cost of starting up as a Youtuber can be considerably more than being a blogger.


In all honestly, both of these platforms are really great for building a business. However, the key is to diversify and understand how to scale your income.

If you do decide to pursue Youtube, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Create products, put up a basic website, and grow your email list!

If you decide to go for blogging, be sure to diversify your traffic sources. Google and Pinterest are two of the best to go for.

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