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The Best Simple Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

If you’re looking for a cleaning schedule for working moms then this is exactly the post that you need to read.

As a working mom, you have to be so incredibly intentional with your time in order to fit all the necessary tasks into the day.

Cleaning is a pain in the butt, however, it is something that just can’t be pushed aside.

I’m not talking about having everything in its place every hour of the day, but just basic sanitary living conditions.

Before having children you would have thought that wasn’t much of an ask…but now that you have them…well, you get it.

So how do you maintain a clean home without spending all your precious time scrubbing the place?

You set up a weekly cleaning schedule. One that works for you and your family.


Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about below.

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Create a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

The first thing that you need to do is be realistic. While it is nice to think that your windows will all be washed every week, the likelihood of that actually happening is basically non-existent.

If you want to create a cleaning schedule that you’ll actually stick to and use then you need to make it realistic.

Otherwise, you’re just going to get discouraged and overwhelmed really fast.

Choose What is Most Important

You can have everything, but you can’t have it all at once.

This is a quote that I often refer to when I’m feeling lacking. It helps to put things into perspective and keep it real.

So here’s what you need to do…

Figure out what is most important to you. Is it that there are clean sheets on the bed every week? Maybe having dirty floors just does your head in?

Is having a sparkling bathroom something that brings you a lot of satisfaction?

Whatever those things are, write them down.

What are THE most important cleaning chores that you feel need to be done on a weekly basis?

Break it Down

Once you’ve done that, you need to break it down.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we’re looking down at a giant list of to-dos.

Instead of trying to figure it all out, just break it up into tasks that you can do on a weekly basis without getting discouraged.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I do laundry every day. I find it much easier to do small loads and get it washed, dried, and put away than if I left it for days and had a mountain to do.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Here’s an example of a weekly cleaning schedule that you might use:

  • Monday: Change all the bed linens
  • Tuesday: Dust
  • Wednesday: Vacuum the bedrooms & hallway
  • Thursday: Clean the bathrooms
  • Friday: Vacuum (and mop) the living areas
  • Saturday: Catch all (in other words, anything that you couldn’t fit into rest of the week).

Daily Tasks

While the weekly tasks are important, there are also daily tasks that have to be kept on top of.

Make a list of the things that you feel need to be done on a daily basis in order to keep your home reasonably clean and tidy.

For us that would look like:

  • Unpacking/loading the dishwasher
  • Doing a load of laundry
  • A general tidy at the end of the day

You could also add monthly tasks to your routine as well but I’ve found that by doing the small things every day, there aren’t all that many monthly tasks to have to include.

Time-Saving Cleaning Tools

I have three little ones and I work from home. I usually only have small pockets of time to get cleaning tasks accomplished.

One thing that helps tremendously is having cleaning tools that save me time.

Here are some of my favorite:

Look at Your Routine

Once you’ve written down the things that need to be done, it is important to actually take the time to work those into your routine.

So, stop and see where you can actually get things done.

Many of the daily tasks can be done in the morning. For instance, making sure the dishwasher is unpacked. I usually do this while my children are eating their breakfast.

You could also put on a load of laundry in the morning, or if it works better for you, do it in the evening.

You want your cleaning to be part of your daily routine so that it becomes a habit and not something you just fit in when you have time.

Otherwise…it’ll just never get done.


Time Block

Time blocking is a highly effective way to get more achieved, especially if you have a busy schedule.

There are many apps that you can use, or you could just pull up a spreadsheet and create your own.

You may not need to really refer to it, but creating it in the first place will help you to visualise when you actually have blocks of time to dedicate to cleaning.

The other thing that you’ll realize is that many of the chores don’t actually take that long if you can do them without having to do several other things at the same time.

Speed Cleaning

Sometimes all you need to get more done is a little pressure. On the days when I’m feeling particularly unmotivated, I’ll set a timer and turn on some fun music.

Simply knowing that I’ve got a set time limit helps me to stay focused and just get the job done.

The hardest part of cleaning is getting started. Once you’re up and going the rest is easy.

Use Your Best Time

We all have different times of the day where we are more productive. For some, it is first thing in the morning, whereas for others it is late at night.

Even if you have more time during the evening you may find if you’re a morning person, you just won’t get as much done.

Focus on doing cleaning tasks during your most productive time. There will inevitably be times where you have to work when you don’t wish to but try to take advantage of your natural strengths.

toddler cleaning

Include Family

Don’t feel as though all the burden of cleaning the home has to be on your shoulders.

In fact…it shouldn’t be.

Include your children in the cleaning schedule and ask your spouse to take on some of the responsibilities as well.

If you’re scrambling to try and get organized, then you might just love this course about creating Family Routines. It’ll really help you to streamline your days and get your home running on autopilot instead of always feeling behind. You can check it out HERE.

Tidying vs Cleaning

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a definite difference between cleaning and tidying.

Cleaning can happen without you actually having a tidy home.

However, you can do both by just making them part of your daily routine and enlisting the help of your family.

My children know that we tidy up at a certain time of the day and so there is not much of a battle over it.

They also learn not to make such gigantic messes because they’re the ones responsible for cleaning it all up.

While you can have a clean home without having a tidy home, having you home picked up will definitely make the cleaning process faster and easier overall.

Deal with the Clutter

On that note, deal with the clutter, mama.

It will not only make it easier to keep a tidy home, but you’ll find that your mind feels less clutter as well.

Set a reminder to go through clothing and toys on a regular basis so that your home doesn’t become overwhelmed by stuff.

Another great idea is to just focus on decluttering one area a day. If you find that is too much of an ask, then just do 2-3 areas a week.

They don’t have to be big. It could just be a drawer or a shelf.

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If you can do small tasks everyday it will help to keep your home clear of clutter and easier to manage.

Our homes should be a place where we can retreat to and not feel as though we always have to be on duty.

By simply putting into place a few simple routines, you’ll find that your days aren’t quite as hectic and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

This is the basic cleaning checklist that I’ve been using for years now. I created it when I was heavily pregnant with my second child and just couldn’t keep up with everything.

You can have it for free just by clicking the download button below.

basic cleaning checklist