10 Completely FREE Pinterest Courses You Need to Know About

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This post about 10 completely free Pinterest courses is the eighth in a 10-day blog series that I have created.

I’ll be sharing all my Pinterest tips and tricks with you so that you can optimize your Pinterest strategy to help drive more traffic to your blog.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest mainly because it is so fickle.

However, if you can realize that and insert that knowledge into your blogging strategy, then you can still use it to your advantage.

Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next 10 days:

Free Pinterest Courses to Start Building Your Blog Traffic

The reality is that when you first start out at blogging you don’t often have a big budget to go and invest in training.

Some do, but many don’t.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms that beginner bloggers can market their content on because if you do it wisely, your traffic can start growing quite quickly.

However, it can also be difficult to know where to find free courses and which ones are worth taking.

That’s what this post is for. I want to share with you 10 free Pinterest courses.

They’re all a little different from each other, but that’s a good thing!

It means that you’ll get a really comprehensive outlook on Pinterest and how to develop a Pinterest marketing strategy that will work for you.

Free Pinterest Courses for Bloggers


Pinning to Success | Free Email Course!

Photo Credit: www.raisingkidsmakingmoney.com

Pinning to Success is a free email series that will teach you the key to designing clickable Pin images, teach you both scheduled and manual pinning strategies, and share with you the best Facebook groups to market your pins in.

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Free Pinterest Course

Photo Credit: momsmakecents.com

McKinzie's course will take you right from setting up a perfectly optimized Pinterest profile to learning how to create viral pins. She also talks about common Pinterest myths and what you can do to dominate Pinterest without having to spend all your time on there.

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Pinterest Power

Photo Credit: summertannhauser.com

Pinterest Power is more than just how to set up your Pinterest account. You'll also learn pinning strategies that will help your pins rank in Pinterest's results.
In her course she really talks to client-based businesses, so if that's you, then this is the perfect course for you to take.

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Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind

Photo Credit: www.tailwindapp.com

Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind is actually made up of several video courses covering several aspects of Pinterest marketing.
All of them are completely free.
Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner so you can rest assured that the advice they give is along the lines of Pinterest's best practices.

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Pinterest Webinar: Grow Your Email List Fast

Photo Credit: www.angiegensler.com

This "course" is a little bit different in that it is actually a webinar and is specifically focused on using Pinterest to grow your email list.
If you're struggling to get subscribers then this is what you want to sign up for.
Completely free, you'll get access to strategies for creating automated sales funnels as well as clever pinning strategies to increase your clickthroughs and subsequent traffic.

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Pin Practical Funneling Pinterest Challenge

Photo Credit: redefiningmom.com

This is not a course for total newbies to Pinterest. You want a handle on how the platform works before you take this one, however, it is FULL of really helpful information.
Monica shares her tips for finding keywords on Pinterest, using the platform to get email subscribers, how to design the perfect pin, and so much more!

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Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs | Peg Fitzpatrick

Photo Credit: www.skillshare.com

If you are a total beginner then this course really is perfect. Peg will take you through all the important information you need to know about Pinterest and how to use the platform to start driving traffic to your blog.
The course is in video format so is very user-friendly.

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Free Pinterest e-course | Pinning Partners

Photo Credit: pinningpartners.com

Another great option for beginner bloggers. This course will not only take you through the basics of understanding and setting up your Pinterest account, but you'll also learn about how to use a scheduler to automate your pinning and save you time.

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Photo Credit: growwithmel.com

Here is another webinar full of great info.
You'll learn the techniques used to create click-worthy Pinterest images that drive traffic to your blog. As well as understanding more about what Pinterest is as a platform and what you should do with that information.

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How to 5X Web Traffic Using Pinterest

Photo Credit: thepinterestlab.jennakutcher.com

This is an hour-long masterclass run by Jenna Kutcher. She shares her personal experience with using Pinterest to drive traffic to her website and generate business.
This isn't a step-by-step tutorial, but is worth a listen if you've never considered Pinterest as a viable marketing platform for your business.

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