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How to Make Going to Bed With a Clean House a Reality

Going to bed with a clean house is one of the most satisfying things in the world, right?

If you’re anything like me, it is so rewarding to wake up to a clean house the next day.

Plus, it gives you the chance to start your day without having to catch up on the mess that was leftover from the day before.

With all that said, the reality of having a clean house by the time you lay your head down to sleep at the end of the day is often challenging.

Whether you work outside of the home or your work is at home, there are just a million other things that get in the way of having a clean home.

Balancing it all is hard. The truth is that you’re not going to go to bed with a clean house every night, but by using the tips below you can definitely make it more often than not.

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6 Tips to Get Your House Clean Before You Go to Bed

These are tips that I use myself and have tested that they actually make a difference to the likelihood of getting the house picked up by the end of the day.

For some context, I work from home and I also have my three children with me 24/7. They are 4, 3, and 1.

It’s a busy life we have and there are constant messes. These tips help me keep my sanity without obsessing over the state of my home.

#1 Have a Cleaning Schedule

If it isn’t written down it won’t get done…or at least that’s how it is in my home.

Setting up a simple and easy-to-achieve cleaning schedule keeps our home from getting overly grungy.

You can take a look at the cleaning schedule I use over in this post.

The key is to keep it simple. Don’t make some elaborate schedule that you know you won’t be able to keep on top of.

Start small and build from there.

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#2 Include Your Children

There is no rule that states moms have to do all of the cleaning. In fact, I would even suggest that you’re doing your children a disservice by not including them in the household chores.

I know that it’s challenging when you have really little ones, but from around age 2 they can start doing simple things.

Set up a chore chart and include them in the general tidying of the home.

It isn’t your job to do it all, so delegate when and where you can.

Set Up a Cleaning Power Surge

I know the name sounds really cheesy, but it’s the best I could come up with.

The truth is though, this is one of the most effective ways that I’ve found to get my kids to help tidy up.

With such little ones, it is difficult to get them to stay on task.

So, instead of getting short-tempered with them, I set a timer and turn on some fun music. Then we all clean up together.

More gets done and they have lots of fun doing it.

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#3 Clean Up During the Day

Once upon a time, I used to leave all of the cleaning up right until the end of the day.

The problem?

I was exhausted and so most nights I barely cleaned anything up at all. That just left me feeling frustrated and defeated.

So now I don’t let the mess build up so much.

That doesn’t mean you spend the whole day cleaning. Instead, I just do a quick tidy up after meals.

After breakfast, the dining room and kitchen get cleaned up. Not majorly, but enough to have it look tidy.

After lunch, I do that again, but also pick up the playroom and living room.

In the evening we work together as a family to do a proper clean up, but just adding in a couple more cleaning sessions (really quick ones!) throughout the day makes the evening clean up not so challenging.

#4 Get it Done Before You Relax

This is KEY.

I know…I know, you just want to relax.

You’ve been looking after the needs of so many other people all day long and now you just want to put your feet up and do NOTHING until you go to bed and then have to wake up and start it all over again.

Here’s the thing though…if you don’t do the clean up before you rest for the night, it just won’t get done. Or at least it won’t get done well.

Set a timer if it helps. Sometimes I do that because it helps me to get hyper-focused and that way I get more done in a shorter amount of time.

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#5 Do a General Tidy

This may sound ridiculously obvious, but the thing is that often times we get distracted and focus on the wrong thing.

So focus on doing a general tidy and not a deep clean.

Here are a couple of the things that I focus on the most because they make the biggest difference:

Pick Up Things Off of the Floor

Just picking things up and putting them away makes a huge difference to the state of your home.

Focus on just getting everything that’s on the floor (that doesn’t belong there) and put it away.


With little ones that are constantly spreading crumbs or dirt around my home, vacuuming is essential.

I used to use my Robot Vacuum (which was great!) when I was pregnant. Honestly, those things are 100% worth the price.

Nowadays I use my cordless Dyson which was also a wonderful purchase. It makes vacuuming a breeze and took that chore off of my list of most despised chores.

If you can just focus on clearing the floor space, you’ll find that helps your home look so much tidier without too much effort at all.

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#6 Clean the Kitchen

If you’re a stay-at-home mom then I would encourage you to pack the dishwasher throughout the day. It will mean that dinner clean up will be that much easier.

I’m grateful to say that my husband does the dinner dishes, but honestly, it isn’t so difficult when it is only dinner that you’re cleaning up and not the dishes from the entire day.

Waking up to a clean kitchen in the morning is just the best.

If you can do the dishes and have clear countertops, you’re going to feel so satisfied.

When motherhood greets us, we realize that it just isn’t possible to do it all. Often times we’re advised to let the house go because children don’t keep.

That’s true…but what is also true is that it is important for moms to take care of themselves as well. For some of us, letting the house go feels a lot like letting ourselves go.

So realize that you won’t have a clean house at the end of EVERY day, but that it isn’t wrong or impossible to have it be tidy at the end of most days.