How to Be a Happy Work at Home Mom

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Although working from home has its benefits there are definitely several work from home mom struggles to deal with.

For instance, working remotely as a mom often requires working from home without childcare.

And things constantly change because working from home with a 6 month old is different to caring for a toddler where you can just set up activities for kids when working from home.

This post shares tips for how to balance it all.

Do you wish you were a happy work at home mom?

Are you stretched thin and worn out?

Mama, I see you. I’ve been there on more than one occasion. It is tough.

It seems as though there is this never-ending list of things that need to be accomplished.

And it is true. Being a mother is in and of itself a never-ending job. Add another work task into the mix and you’ve got yourself some very busy days.

So, how do you manage it all? How do you balance work and motherhood while also being happy?

There are going to be times when that isn’t going to happen, because life can just be like that.

However, there are definitely things that can help. That is what I’m going to share with you today. Because, working from home isn’t all that its cut out to be if you’re not happy.

And we all know, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

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7 Ways to Be a Happy Work at Home Mom:

#1 Know Your Reason

Days of mothering can be overwhelmed by all the little things. Dealing with tantrums, diaper changes, discipline and boo boos is so busy.

You wouldn’t be the first mom to experience guilt over working instead of spending time with her kids.

When you’re stretched so thin you might be tempted to become resentful about work or motherhood.

I know I certainly have at times.

One thing hinders the other in some way and you become frustrated.

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A good way to end that frustration is to look at the big picture. This perspective is so helpful in many areas but especially when it comes to balancing work and motherhood.

I actually go into a lot more detail about your priorities and finding balance in this post. But if there’s one key point I want you to take away from this post, it is that you know your reason.

Not only know it, but remind yourself of it.

Why are you working from home?

Is it so that you can spend more time with your kids? Perhaps you’re trying to make some extra income to pay off debt? Are you trying to improve the lifestyle that you’d like for your family?

Many moms work from home because they have a highly motivating reason to do so.

Whatever that reason is, remind yourself of it during the frustrating moments. Give yourself the perspective of the big picture.

It’ll help you to prioritise what really needs to come first and discard the things that aren’t really all that important.

#2 Set Boundaries

One of the cons of working from home is that it can be difficult to seperate work life from home life.

They are literally contained in the same building.

So, you must be intentional about setting work and family boundaries.

Communicate to your family when you need to work and what that needs to look like.

Decide when it is appropriate to answer emails and check on work stuff and when it is not.

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For instance, I don’t work on Sundays. I need one day a week to just switch off and be 100% focused on recharging my batteries and spending time with my family.

If you are highly driven and have a great work ethic, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I know!

However, if you do want to be a happy work at home mom, it is important to keep things balanced.

Setting boundaries will go a long way towards achieving that.

#3 Work on Your Mindset

Happiness doesn’t just happen. So much of it has to do with your mindset.

If you are determined to find joy in your day you will. Joy doesn’t always look like skipping around the room.

Sometimes joy is simply found through gratefulness and contentment.

I know what it is like to get up in the morning and feel overwhelmed by the to do list that’s sitting on your desk (or in your head!).

Instead of focusing on that, make the decision that no matter how much is or is not achieved, it will be done with a joyful heart.

Trust me on this. You won’t be the only one to benefit because your children will pick up on your attitude and follow suit.

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#4 Create a Routine

I could preach I mean, talk all day about the importance of having routines in the home.

Honestly though, it could not be more important than when you are a work at home mom. Your time is precious. There is a high value set on every minute of your day.

It is imperative that you create a routine that utilises the most out of your time.

And I don’t mean that to sound like you have to pack your minutes FULL of things.

No, I just mean that you know when certain things need to be done and when they can be done best.

Juggling family needs as well as work can certainly become a circus if it isn’t done with intention.

Take the time to sit down and work out a helpful routine for your home and work. It’ll save you time in the long run and help you to become much more productive.

#5 Create a Productive Work Space

How many moms work on the sofa with their laptop?

Been there, done that.

You know what I have found?

Having a productive workspace makes all the difference to the amount of actual work I get done.

Sitting on the couch wasn’t just bad for my posture, but I was really poorly organised as well.

Notebooks with lists and ideas were left lying around and I was too easily distracted by the television.

Set up a productive workspace. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or even permanent.

Working at your dining room table is just fine so long as you’re comfortable and organised.

I have a tiny desk in the corner of our living room where I run both of my blogs.

It is literally in the hub of the home which works well for me. No matter where I am, the children tend to find me and want to hang out there.

Desk with iMac computer

By having my workspace in our living area they play happily while I work.

It’s a win-win.

Find a solution that works for you because you will be happier if you are more organised and productive.

#6 Seek Joyful Influences

It is no secret that we are influenced by the things around us. If you are filled with negativity and self-doubt then the last thing that you want to do is watch depressing documentaries or read stories of business failure.

Instead you need to lift your spirits and change your attitude by finding positive influences.

Whether that be a podcast that you listen to, friends that you chat with, or motivational quotes you put on your walls. Find what makes your soul happy and surround yourself with it.

Inspirational Quotes

If you’re like me, then you can never have enough quotes to live by.

I’ve created this gorgeous set of inspiring, motivational quotes directly aimed at work at home moms.

Preview of Inspirational quotes

#7 Rest

Like, are you kidding?!

I know, I know. It sounds ridiculous that someone suggest you rest when your to do list is a mile long.

It actually feels as though you’re just adding yet another thing that needs to be checked off.

Mama. I know and I hear you. But this one is important. Perhaps the most important of them all.

Rest is highly underrated by today’s society and the result is a bunch of moms that are burnt out and going through life with very little joy.

Self-care doesn’t look like massages and french manicures (although those are nice). Self-care is literally giving yourself the basic necessities.

Rest is one of those.

You know that routine that I talked about creating? Yeah?

Well, when you make that, be sure to fit time to rest in it as well.

Rest both mental and physical leads to higher amounts of productivity, which leads to mental satisfaction, which often leads to joy. Basically, rest equals happiness.

Or, that’s the way I like to think of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Step back and remember your reason when you’re feeling frustrated
  • Be intentional about your mindset and the influences you surround yourself with
  • Create a routine and workspace that optimises your productivity
  • Remember to rest regularly

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