How to Get Your Blog Design Right the First Time

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Not knowing how to design a blog that looks good and attracts readers is something that is a common mistake made by beginner bloggers.

Often times we’re so enthusiastic about the prospect of creating a blog and generating an income that it can be tempting to ignore the most basic of principles.

The way in which you design your blog and brand will have a big impact on whether or not people are inclined to click on your posts.

Here’s the thing though. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simple is actually so much better and it makes life a lot easier too.

I’m going to share with you the 5 most crucial elements to get right with blog design.

If you get these things right from the start then you’ll look professional from the get-go and already have a head start on the game.

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How to Design a Blog with Success:

#1 Color Choice

Colors convey a lot of message. That’s why so many businesses do thorough research before they decide on their branding.

In fact, that’s why some companies choose to rebrand altogether.

Whether you like it or not, the colors that you choose to represent your brand will make a difference when it comes to marketing.

It is very important to do a little research before you proceed with your blog design in order to figure out what the best choice is for you.

Let me talk you through the process I used to decide on my color palette for both of my blogs.

My parenting blog, Christine Keys is over two years old and when I rebranded I already had a solid amount of content on it.

It was at that point that I decided what direction I wanted to take it in and I wanted my branding to reflect that.

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I scrolled through Pinterest for color palettes and eventually decided on navy and dusty pink.

It is a parenting blog, but not a kids activity blog so I didn’t want a bright color palette.

Instead, I wanted something that was both feminine and also had an element of seriousness to it (the navy blue).

Plus, did you know that blue represents trust? Interesting, right?

For this blog I was still planning on reaching moms, but I wanted to do something a little different.

I wanted it to be bright and a little playful. Feminine and optimistic.

I researched colors and their meanings and came up with the color scheme that you see now. Pinterest was also something I took into consideration.

I knew that bright colors did well there and considering it was a platform that I wanted to utilize, I based some of my color choices on that.

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#2 Choosing a Theme

I love and despise having to choose new blog themes.

It is such fun going through and looking at all the pretty designs, but it can also be overwhelming.

Here are my top tips for choosing a wordpress theme that will benefit you in the long run and potentially make you more money.

Simple blog design is best

Don’t get sucked into all the pretty features that are often added to blog templates.

It is really important to remember that site speed plays a big part in both user-experience and how well Google chooses to rank your pages.

Lots of addons and large banners can really slow down your site.

Keep design simple and choose only essential elements.

Think how you’ll use it

Where do you want to direct your traffic? Do you have a strategy that you want to implement that requires a certain theme layout?

Take all that into consideration when choosing which theme you’ll go with.

Make sure it is responsive

Hands down, mobile users make up the majority of internet browsers these days. If your blog is not optimized for mobile use then you will be penalised.

Your readers are going to click off your site and Google will not rank you well.

Before choosing a blog theme, make sure that you check that it is responsive.

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#3 Logo Design

I have always designed my own logos. It is something that I really enjoy doing and I think I’m fairly good at it.

However, if it is not your strong suit or you just wouldn’t even know where to start, then this is the time to branch out.

You could even just hire someone on Fiverr.

Once you have your color palette down, your logo is what is going to really represent your brand.

The fonts and colors that you use will make an impression be that good or bad.

If you can design well and are confident in your skills then go for it! Otherwise, seek a professional to do the job and you won’t regret it.

Trust me when I say that you’ll want to get this part right.

If you are going to design it yourself, keep these things in mind:

Make it easy to read

There is nothing worse than a logo that you can’t read. Script fonts are pretty but they aren’t often clear.

If that’s what you like then make your choice wisely and balance it out with a print font.

Creative Market has awesome fonts that you can purchase to use for commercial purposes.

Be careful with color

I like to have a color and monochrome version of my logos so that they will stand out on anything they need to be put on.

Some colors are really difficult to read, so again, bear that in mind when creating.

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#4 Navigation

This is so incredibly important!

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone onto someone’s blog and clicked away because I can’t find the content that I am after.

You need to make it easy, like super easy for readers to access the posts on your blog.

Your navigation bar needs to be front and center with nicely organised categories.

And please, make sure you choose a theme with a search bar!

I use that all the time on blogs that I’m interested in.

If I’ve read one article that I’ve found valuable and I have a question that I think they can also answer, I’ll use the search bar to see if I can find more content.

And then there is interlinking.

This should be something that becomes a natural part of your content creation.

Whether it is by inserting images, using text links, or something else that works for you…make sure you interlink your posts!

Direct your traffic where you want it to go. Give your readers more!

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#5 Consistency

There are certain places (like Pinterest) where you can have some leniency with this point.

However, generally speaking it is important to keep your blog and brand design consistent.

What does that look like?

Well, it means having the same profile picture across your blog and social media accounts. That can be your logo but I would strongly suggest it be a headshot of yourself.

These days people are very interested in who runs the business as well as the business itself.

And if you’re interested in making an income from blogging then your blog is indeed a business.

Graphics, printables, freebies, etc all should have your blog branding in mind.

It looks professional and when enough people are reading your blog and using your products, they’ll come to know you just by your brand colors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take the time to research colors
  • Invest in a professional for your logo design if it isn’t your strong point
  • Choose a simple, user-friendly blog theme
  • Make your content easy to find and navigate
  • Be consistent with your branding across platforms
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