How to Find Your Best Pins and What to Do With Them

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This post about how to find your best pins is the fourth in a 10-day blog series that I have created.

I’ll be sharing all my Pinterest tips and tricks with you so that you can optimize your Pinterest strategy to help drive more traffic to your blog.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest mainly because it is so fickle.

However, if you can realize that and insert that knowledge into your blogging strategy, then you can still use it to your advantage.

Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next 10 days:

How to Find Your Best Pins on Pinterest Using Google Analytics

You may have heard that you should repin your best pins or at least know what they are so that you can analyze them.

That is all well and good, but if you’re not sure which pin is driving traffic to your blog then that is all pointless.

You’ll likely know which topic is doing well based off of the post statistics, but if you’ve made more than one pin for your post, you may not know which one is more popular.

So, I’m going to teach you how to access that information and then what you should be doing with it.

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Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics is one of my absolute favorite blogging tools. There is just so much information to be found and all for free!

As a beginner blogger I didn’t give much thought to it, but now I spend a lot of time going through the numbers and figuring out what strategies to take regarding my blog.

In all honesty, I’m only scratching the surface and yet there is so much value.

Without trying to overwhelm you, I’m going to give you a little tutorial on Google Analytics. The key things that I look for on a daily basis and then how to find your best pins.

How to Check Your Pinterest Traffic

Creating a Pinterest Strategy

Now that you know how to find which one of your pins are doing really well it is time to develop a strategy using that information.

Repin Your Most Popular Pins

#1 The first thing that you wants to do is to repin your popular pins.

Keeping them in circulation means that they will stay in front of user’s eyeballs. Not only that, but Pinterest will recognize that the pin is popular and rank it accordingly.

There are two ways to repin your popular pins.

The first is to do it straight from your blog. Go onto your blog, find the post you’re looking for and pin that pin to a very relevant board. (You want Pinterest to know exactly what the pin is about).

When you do this, make sure that your pin description is up to date and includes 1-2 specific, searchable hashtags.

#2 The second way to repin your popular pins is to go directly into Google Analytics and find them that way.

Once you’ve found the related post and the pin urls, go ahead and open a few in Pinterest.

Check if they are ones that are on your own boards or have been repinned to others.

If they’re on your own board, ignore them. You ONLY want to repin from other people’s boards so that your engagement appears authentic.

The other thing to check is if the board that it has been pinned to is relevant to the pin topic.

For instance, I’ve had pins about blogging pinned to recipe boards before. I won’t repin back from those boards because it’ll confuse Pinterest as to what the pin is about.

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Add Your Pins to Smartloops

Another great option that will save you a load of time is to utilize Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature.

If you haven’t go a Tailwind account you can try it out for free HERE.

All standard accounts come with 100 SmartLoop spaces so you can give this a go even on the most basic plan.

What I suggest that you do is to go into your Google Analytics after your post has been live for about a month and check which pin has performed the best.

Then go into the SmartLoop that you’ve created and add that pin.

Do that with all of your posts (or at least your most popular ones) and it’ll mean that your pins are constantly in rotation without appearing spammy.

This is also a clever way of making sure that you get your seasonal content seen at appropriate times.

You can set up SmartLoops to only pin to boards at certain times of the year.

Add Your Pins to Tailwind Tribes

If you have popular pins but you haven’t added them to Tribes then I highly recommend you do so.

As with SmartLoops, you’ll also get access to 5 Tribes on the basic Tailwind plan.

Take advantage of them and you’ll have the opportunity to share your content even more.

I personally love Tailwind Tribes because of the encouragement to reciprocate. It is also easier to find niche-specific content that is both relevant and high quality.

Recently I upgraded my Tailwind plan to unlimited Tribes and submissions and saw a significant increase in blog traffic as you can see in this graph.

screenshot of tailwind tribes in google analytics

It is a feature that I highly recommend.

Analyze Your Pin Design

The other thing that I strongly recommend you do is to go in and analyze your pin design.

Can you see a trend with your popular pins. Is it the colour, the size or the kind of titles that you’ve used?

Consider this and make note of it going forward.

It is always helpful to assess what has worked (and what hasn’t) so you can adjust your strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics to access your pin data
  • Take note of your best pins and repin them so that they remain in circulation
  • Never repin from your own boards but do repin from others if they are niche specific
  • Use Tailwind features such as SmartLoops and Tribes to promote your best pins
  • Take time to analyze your pins to see if there is any kind of trend
  • Take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your strategy going forward
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