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How to Keep on Top of the (Mountain) of Laundry

Wondering if you’ll ever figure out how to keep on top of the laundry?

It is 7:30 AM and your husband and kids are all coming to you as you’re (trying) to get ready for the day.

They all want to know where this or that item of clothing is.

You point to the pile sitting in the corner.

You’ve given it the nickname of Mt Kilimanjaro, cause it is seriously that big and overwhelming.

Oh, how you wish that you could just have all the washing done without having to spend all day doing it!

mom trying to keep on top of the laundry

I hear women saying all the time that laundry is their least favourite chore. It just builds up and is never-ending.

The second point I can agree with, but it doesn’t have to build up.

What if I told you that you could say goodbye to Mt Kilimanjaro and enjoy not be burdened with a seemingly impossible task?

You can check out this post about clever laundry hacks that’ll make your life easier, but today I’m sharing what to do to get out from under the pile of washing that is always there.

#1 Do A Load A Day

This is something I was brought up with so it is just second nature to me. Put on at least one load a day.

Some days you may need to do more, but do at least one load. We are currently a family of five (two adults, two toddlers and a baby).

If I did not do at least a load a day…I would drown in washing.

By doing a load a day it keeps the laundry pile down and is vastly less overwhelming.

I have friends that choose to do washing once a week and it works really well for them.

Personally, we don’t have enough clothes to get away with that, but I can see how it could be a good system, especially if your children are older.

Doing a load a day is also a great idea if you’re a working mom. Instead of having to dedicate one of your days off to laundry, you can just maintain it throughout the week.

A great idea is to schedule your load to start at a certain time if your washing machine has that option.

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#2 Make It Easy For Yourself

Set up your laundry for ease of use. Make sure you have the equipment necessary.

What I mean by that is ensuring you have enough laundry baskets, pegs, and drying equipment. If the sun is out I try my best to hang the washing out on the line. However, on raining days (or just really busy ones) I’ll put it in the dryer.

If you don’t have the option of a dryer, then do yourself a big favour and invest in one or two drying racks.

Also, storing your pegs in a convenient manner can make life a bunch easier. I have a peg bag, but baskets also work well!

How to Consistently Keep on Top of the Laundry

#3 Set A Routine

Having a set routine for your laundry will make it so much easier to maintain.

If you struggle with cleaning routines in general, then you’ll definitely want to check out this course about how to automate your housewife life.

My laundry routine starts in the morning when I put a load on to wash around 7:30-8am.

If it is a sunny day I’ll hang it out between 9-10 AM. If I need to use the dryer I put it in there at 10 am because we get a free hour of power with our power company, so it costs us nothing!

I usually take the washing off the line/out the dryer and fold it immediately following the end of my children’s nap time.

They wake up at 3 PM and I set them up on the couch with a snack and something to watch so they can wake up slowly. That’s when I quickly sort, fold, and put away the washing for the day.

If you have older children, they can 100% be involved in the process. Depending on their age and ability, you can decide which part(s) of the process they can do for you.

When I had my third child I actually decided to stop folding anything that wasn’t necessary to be folded.

This made it so much faster!

I challenge you to stop folding your children’s play clothes and get them to put them away once you’ve sorted them.

It’ll save you so much time while also allowing them to be involved in the whole process.

The other part of this is to have set days for certain items. For instance, you could say that you’ll wash towels on a Saturday and sheets on a Tuesday.

Whatever works for you!

#4 Get Your Children to Help

If you have children old enough to do laundry then by all means…get them involved.

It’ll help you out a ton and also teach them some responsibility.

My children are still fairly young at 4, 2 and 9 months. However, my older two put away their play clothes and help sort socks.

At first, it may take you a little longer, but it won’t be long before they’re really good at it and it’ll help with keeping things going.

#5 Wash Small Items in a Laundry Bag

This tip is especially helpful if you have a baby in the house.

Invest in a laundry bag or two that are a decent size. Then, when you go to put a wash on, put all the socks and underwear in those bags.

It makes sorting later on so much easier because everything is in one place!

And when you do go to fold all the clean clothes, leave the smallest items until last.

How to Consistently Keep on Top of the Laundry

#6 Sort…or Don’t

You don’t HAVE to sort your laundry into colors and types and all the rest of it.

How do I know that? Because I never have.

The only time I ever segment my washing is if I’ve bought new towels or dark colored clothing.

Otherwise, everything gets put in together and it all works out just fine.

However, if you just can’t get past the idea of washing a pink blouse with a pair of jeans…feel free to sort, but do it ahead of time.

Invest in a laundry hamper like this one and when you put dirty washing away, sort it right there and then. It’ll super simplify things and make your life easier in the long run.

#7 Make It Enjoyable

I’m sure that laundry is something that 90% of us don’t love to do.

To be honest, I actually didn’t mind the chore until I had to do it while also managing three little ones at the same time.

That makes it stressful!

So here’s a tip…try to do it when your children are otherwise occupied.

I know that isn’t always possible, but it is something that you can strive for.

If you struggle with the sorting and folding, why not watch something while doing it?

Turn on a podcast or listen to some music. Make it more enjoyable for yourself and it’ll be easier to make it a habit.

I’ve been known to set up the Ipad and turn on one of my favorite shows if I know there’s a lot to get through.

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