How to Make an Old Blog Post Go Viral

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This post is all about how to make an old blog post go viral because when you’ve already got content on your blog, why not focus on making it work harder for you?

If you’re a total newbie blogger then this post won’t be super relevant to you right now, but bookmark it because in a couple of years I can guarantee that you’ll be wanting this information.

When we start blogging, we do it with a limited amount of knowledge. But over time that knowledge grows and we look back at the first posts that we put out in horror.

Let me encourage you to instead look at it as an opportunity. Just because a post didn’t take off the first time does not mean that it is totally dead in the water.

You can actually breathe new life into it by using the strategies that I talk about below.

Before I get stuck into it, you should know that over time I’ve added to my knowledge base from the courses listed below.

They are all worth every single cent. Seriously, the amount of valuable and actionable information they offer is incredible.

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Courses I Used:

I personally like to focus on Pinterest and Google as my two main sources of traffic. That way if one goes down I’m not left in the dark.

Diversify. Always diversify!

Now let’s talk about how to revamp your old content so that it starts driving more traffic to your blog.

#1 Do Keyword Research

Many beginner bloggers haven’t a clue about trying to rank for Google and SEO and all that good stuff. I know I didn’t!

So, when looking through old content that hasn’t really performed well, start with doing some keyword research.

I use a combination of Keysearch, Webmaster Tools, and good old Google itself.

Start in Search Console

Before you go researching a keyword that you think you should be targeting, I urge you to first put your post URL into Google Search Console and see what search terms it might already be ranking for.

If it isn’t ranking for anything, then by all means go and choose any keyword you wish (well, within reason of course).

However, if it is ranking for a few terms, make note of where it is ranking.

Is it on the second page of Google or perhaps right down the bottom of the first?

Consider taking that keyword and revamping your post to be better at targeting it.

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Research Similar Content

Once you’ve figured out your keyword the next step is to research what similar content is already out there.

Take a look at other articles that are ranking well and make note of what they’ve done.

You want your post to be better for the reader than any other post out there on the subject that you’re covering.

Do your very best to create the most optimized post for your reader and you’ll be on the right path.

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#2 Rewrite Your Blog Post

My first blog posts were all around 500 words and while they weren’t total rubbish, they certainly weren’t comprehensive.

Often times I’ll keep those original 500 words but have them under a heading within the post itself.

I will write a lot more content to beef out the post so that it is something of value to the reader.

Create a clear outline and make sure you’re covering all relevant points.

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Make it Clear to Read

When you write your content, always make sure that it is easy for readers to skim through. Because that’s what we do now…we skim read.

Use headers (H2, H3, H4, etc) with relevant keywords. Make certain words bold when necessary and be sure that your links STAND OUT.

I’m also a fan of including images where they’re helpful. Just be sure to have them properly optimized so that they don’t slow down your site speed.

I love and use Short Pixel on both of my blogs.

Cover All Angles

Finally, just to reiterate my point above…make sure to cover all the angles.

When someone lands on your post, they need to have their questions answered or else they’re going to bounce right back to where they came from.

They’ll leave your site and go looking for the answer to their question someone else.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Offer Value

Always offer value when you write your content.

The post may involve some of your life experience, but it isn’t about YOU. It is about the reader and how you can help them out with whatever issue they are facing.

Remember to also consider the potential to grow your email list.

One of my old posts recently went viral. It resulted in my biggest traffic day to date. And the best part was that I was getting a bunch of email sign-ups.

There were two reasons that I was really happy about it:

  1. My email list grew (duh!)
  2. People were reading the ENTIRE post

You see, I placed the opt-in right at the end of the post. I told the readers about it near the beginning, but in order to get what they wanted, they needed to scroll to the bottom and take the time to sign up.

That meant that I was engaging an audience that really wanted to hear from me.

#3 Create New Pin Images

Pinterest loves fresh content. They’ve said so over and over again.

A very simple way to bring more traffic to an old post is to create a fresh pin for it.

Not only that but use some keyword strategy as well. Pinteresting Strategies, P.I.Q Signals, and PinTest Playbook are all worth investing in if you want to really succeed at Pinterest.

I also have a free Pinterest course that can give you a great start on Pinterest if you’re a beginner.

I try to make sure to create at least one new pin a day for my blog, whether that’s for a new post going live or for an older post.

It works to drive traffic time and time again.

#4 And Repeat

Not every post that you do this to will take off and go viral. However, the more you do it, the more likely it will be that your post does just that.

And remember that SEO is a long-term game. What you do today may only pay off a year from now, but when it does it will be 100% worth the effort that you put in.

Trust the process and be patient.

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