How to Make Sure Your House Doesn’t Stink

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This post about how to make sure your house doesn’t stink is the fifth in a series of homemaking posts that will be going live over the next several days.

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There is nothing worse than having a house that stinks…

Well, okay maybe there are worse things in the world, but it is definitely something that the vast majority of us wish to avoid.

But here’s the thing…sometimes you don’t even know that your house stinks. Scary, huh?

I mean, what if people are totally turned off by the smell of your home and you’re completely unaware that it even smells to begin with?!

Don’t worry! I have tips for you to make sure that your home smells beautiful to everyone that walks through your front door.

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#1 Let Fresh Air In

Open your windows and let the fresh air in. If you can, open everything (doors & windows) for 30 minutes once a week.

Obviously, there are going to be times where this is impractical, but do your best to make it happen when you can.

Letting fresh air into your home with help to circulate the air and neutralize any odours that might be lingering.

Plus, fresh air is good for your health as well. Your home will be less likely to become damp and mouldy if you can air it out regularly.

#2 Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

The basis to keeping things smelling fresh is to clean on a regular basis.

You don’t have to have a crazy cleaning routine that takes you hours! This is the basic cleaning checklist that I use and I’ve even got a post that teaches you how to clean your house fast.

#3 Eliminate Excess Moisture

Does your home hold on to excess moisture? If so, do your best to get rid of it.

Make sure that you have adequate ventilation in wet areas and use a dehumidifier if necessary.

In New Zealand, our homes are often poorly insulated and so we end up with heavy condensation on the windows every morning.

If that is the case for you, invest in a good window vacuum like this one to make getting rid of that water a breeze!

emptying the trash so that your house smells good

#4 Change the Trash Regularly

There’s nothing worse than a stinky trash bag left in the house. If you are a busy family like ours, that thing fills up fast!

Avoid putting soiled diapers in it, and instead have an outdoor trash bin for that kind of stuff.

We’ve had kids in diapers for 4 + years now (we currently have 3 under 5!) and have a diaper bin outside on our back porch.

Empty your indoor trash regularly and try to put food scraps in another bin if you’re able to.

Better yet, compost what you can!

#5 Make Sure to Use Proper Ventilation

If you do a lot of frying or cooking that involves spices and oils, you’re going to want to remember to use adequate ventilation.

Food smells great, but it does get to a point where it doesn’t anymore.

You don’t really want to be smelling yesterday’s dinner at lunchtime the following day.

#6 Use Baking Soda for Smelly Carpets

Unfortunately, carpets can hang onto bad odours for an age if you don’t take measures against it.

If you have kids or pets, chances are that your carpet is going to get some pretty heavy wear.

A great way to combat the smell is to sprinkle baking soda on it and leave it overnight, then vacuum it all up in the morning.

Grab a shaker like this one and just fill it with baking soda to make the process super easy.

Two other things to keep in mind are:

Deal with spills immediately. The longer you leave them, the longer they have to soak into the fibres of the carpet.

Also, consider hiring a carpet cleaner once a year. Not only will it thoroughly clean your carpets, but it’ll lift the pile back up and bring some new life back to them.

woman vacuuming her house fast

#7 Vacuum Regularly

As mentioned above, carpets can really hang onto odours if they aren’t regularly maintained.

Make sure to vacuum on a regular basis and it’ll go a long way towards reducing the stink factor.

I love my Dyson V10 because vacuuming literally takes me no time at all. My life was changed when I bought that vacuum. You can find it HERE.

#8 Clear Out the Fridge

Every found a science experiment hiding in the depths of your fridge? Yeah, me too.

It is scary how stuff can get lost in there if you’re not cleaning it out regularly.

Make it part of your weekly cleaning schedule to go through your fridge and get rid of anything that is expired or smells off.

#9 Wash Pillows, Towels & Linen Regularly

Linens are good at holding onto odours and often we don’t notice because they aren’t visibly soiled.

If you want to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, be sure to wash your linens regularly.

Don’t forget about the throw cushions on your sofa either! Most of them have covers that can just be quickly slipped off and put into the washing machine.

#10 Use Essential Oils

I’m not a die hard fan of essential oils and I’ve only used them a minimal amount.

However, what I do love to use them for is to fragrance my home.

Essential oils have a great way of neutralizing odours without being sickly sweet or overbearing.

My favorite scent to use is peppermint because it is so fresh and crisp.

diffuser to make the house smell good

#11 Use Candles

While candles need to be used with caution, they are a great way of not only making your home smell great, but also creating a lovely ambience.

Light them in the evening just before dinner and it’ll be a lovely touch to your home.

#12 Simmer on the Stove

Did you know that you can create a lovely smell in your home using some very basic ingredients and just letting them simmer away on the stove?

Obviously, be sure to monitor it, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your home smell divine…this is a great option.

Check out this post for some ideas!

#13 Bake

Baking is another way to make sure your home smells great.

Whether it is a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread, you’re sure to bring out some divine scents.

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