How to Set Up a Command Center + 15 Inspiring Ideas

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This post about how to set up a command center is the sixth in a series of homemaking posts that will be going live over the next several days.

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You may not even know what a command center is so here is my definition:

It is place in your home where all of your important information for day-to-day life and function of the home is kept.

It might include chore charts, calendars, appointments, etc, etc.

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Why You Want a Command Center

For the longest time we did not have a command center in our home but I was desperate to set one up.

In fact, it was one of the first projects that we undertook when we took ownership of our home.

Here are a few of the major benefits of having one:

Fewer Questions = Lessens the Mental Load

How many times a day do members of your household come and ask you simple questions like, “what’s for dinner?” or “what time is x appointment?”?

I bet it is a fair amount.

And that just adds to your mental load. Having to keep track of everything for everyone is a lot for anyone to have to be in charge of.

Having a command center means that there will be fewer questions. You can just point your family in the direction of the calendar and they can take note of things themselves.

It Keeps Things Organized

Here’s another question for you…

How much time do you spend digging around for appointment times, your meal plan, or important dates?

Having it all in one place that is super easy to reference will save you so much time and will prevent things from getting lost.

Everyone is On the Same Page

Lack of communication is often the culprit when it comes to family arguments. While a command center won’t eliminate the issue, it will go a long way to help.

You can set up a specific area in your home where your family can all access the same information.

If it is written down for everyone to see, there is less chance of things being miscommunicated.

How to Set Up a Command Center

So you get the concept of a command center and you want to set one up, but what is the best way to go about doing that?

Here are some tips to help you out:

Find An Appropriate Space in Your Home

The first thing you want to do is figure out the best place to set everything up.

Make sure that it is in a central location that everyone in the family has access to.

If you have toddlers that need to see their chores for the day, keep that in mind.

We have our command center on the wall between our living room and kitchen. We have a calendar with a meal plan and any other important dates on it.

We also store our keys there and items that we often take with us in the car (i.e. sunglasses).

Figure Out What You Need There

The next thing that you want to do is figure out what you’re going to need set up in your command station.

What is going to simplify things and make life easier?

What is something that you refer to every day?

Those are what you need to be including.

Here are some practical items for setting one up, but below are some ideas of actual things to include in your command center:


This is one of the most basic items that should be included. You could have a calendar that is simply there to reference the date, or you could include other relevant information on the calendar itself.

Meal Plan

I have my meal plan on my calendar, but there is nothing wrong with having it seperate.

You could just have a whiteboard where you can easily change things up if necessary.

Key Docking Station

I like to have our keys in our command station because we don’t lose them that way and we always know where to look for them.

To-Do List

If you’re going to be referencing your command center on a daily basis then it is really good to include a place for your to-do list.

If you have a pin board you could just pin your list up, otherwise use a blackboard or whiteboard so that you can easily change things as they come up.


Motherhood has gone and sucked all of my memory power out my brain and so I’m forever having to write things down to make sure I remember the important stuff.

Your command center is kinda like a physical extension of your brain. Use it to keep reminders visible!


Need to visit the dentist? Or, is your cousin hosting a family get-together this weekend?

Use your command center to keep track of all the important dates on your calendar.

Chore Lists

We like to teach our children that they are a part of a family and that we all work together to keep our home functioning.

It is a great idea to have your children’s chore charts in your family command center as well.

daily routine cards for toddlers

Figure Out What You Want There

Once you know what you need in your command center, you can also decide what you might want there.


It doesn’t all have to be business and practicality. Include some fun decor to make your command center pretty as well.

Quotes & Affirmations

I personally love to include quotes and different affirmations. Speaking truth and kindness to yourself and the rest of your family is a great habit to get into.

15 Inspiring Command Center Ideas

With the how-to portion of this post out of the way, here are some great command center ideas to get your creative mind spinning!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my command center Christine! And great tips- especially adding an affirmation /quote where everyone can read it. Going to use that on our chalkboard!

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