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13 of the Best Time Saving Laundry Hacks for Working Moms

Being a working mom comes with its own unique set of challenges. I want to share my very best laundry hacks so that you can keep on top of that aspect of your housekeeping.

Whether you work from home like I do, or work outside of the home, you time is precious.

I’ve been both a stay at home mom and a work at home mom so I know a few of the differences.

The fact is that before I was working from home I just had more flexibility in my schedule.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t busy or that my time wasn’t valuable, it’s just that there was more give and take.

Now that I’m working from home I have set times that I absolutely must work.

This means that having a laundry schedule set up is super important if I’m going to stay on top of it all.

I mean, laundry piles up faster than I can blink some days so I really do have to make sure to constantly be keeping up with it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by it all then these laundry tips for busy moms are exactly what you need.

Something else that might be helpful is just having a general cleaning routine that isn’t overwhelming.

You can sign up for a free weekly cleaning list right –> HERE.

Clever Laundry Hacks for Working Moms

Over the years my laundry routine has changed to adapt to our growing family. I didn’t notice that much of a difference when it came to going from 1-2 children, but adding number 3 has really upped the amount of laundry that we have.

iron on ironing board

These are some of the laundry life hacks that have really been helpful in keeping up with it all!

#1 Do (at least) a Load a Day

With 3 children 4 and under I absolutely have to do a load a day in order to keep on top of the ever-growing laundry pile.

This is especially because of the baby, but also just the amount of people in our home.

Doing a load a day makes the job a lot more manageable and less overwhelming than trying to do load after load all in one day.

#2 Invest in Bigger Appliances

It is going to take up much more of your time if you can only wash or dry a small amount of washing in each cycle.

If you are struggling to keep up then maybe it is time to invest in some bigger appliances that will cater better to your family size.

#3 Use Mesh Bags

Baby socks and socks, in general,can take up time when you’re having to match them up. The best way to get around this is to put all socks into a mesh bag when you do the washing.

It’ll make sure that they all stay together in one place and will save you the time you’d usually take to be pairing them up.

You can get a bunch of them for cheap –> HERE.

A back up is to create a “lost & found” board for missing socks so that it’ll be easier to keep them together when you do eventually find them.

#4 Have Fewer Clothes

How many times do your kids change in a day?

Sometimes mine go through like 3 outfits and not because they actually need to.

Usually it is just because they decide to want to wear something different or got a speck of dirt on their pants.

My solution is to just have fewer clothes.

They can’t keep getting changed if there is nothing to get changed into.

Kids don’t need a bunch of different clothes. They need play clothes and good clothes.

If you want to cut down on your laundry pile then limit the amount of clothes that you’re buying for your kids.

#5 Have a Laundry Routine that Fits Your Schedule

You need a laundry routine.

Let me repeat…you. NEED. a. laundry. routine.

If you are a working mom then you absolutely have to be intentional about your day and what you choose to do with your time.

It is too easy to get distracted by all the other things vying for your attention and forget about the laundry altogether.

Create a routine and stick to it.

For instance, mine looks like this:

I put a load of washing on early in the morning while I’m getting the children their breakfast.

Once it is finished washing I either hang it on the line outside or use the dryer depending on the weather.

Straight after my children wake from their naps in the afternoon (around 3 PM), I bring in the clean washing, fold it and put it away.

On the odd occasion that doesn’t happen, but that is the exception and not the rule.

washing machine

#6 Use a Timer

This is a brillant tip if you want to get the laundry sorted first thing in the morning. It is also helpful if you tend to forget to put it on.

If your machine has a timer function on it then make good use of it by setting it for when you want your washing to be started.

You could put the dirty washing in the night before and have it all set up so that it is washed and clean when you wake in the morning.

#7 Fold & Put Clothes Away Everyday

I saw this meme recently about how long it takes for laundry to get put away and I could totally relate because I know how easy it is to fall into that trap!

The truth is though, that if you’re disciplined enough to make sure that you fold and put away the clean laundry on a daily basis, things will not build up and overwhelm you.

You won’t have umpteen members of your family asking where their sweater is, or their favorite socks.

Think of it as taking away some of that heavy mental load that you’re carrying around with you all day every day.

Plus, if you’re folding the laundry quickly it is less likely to get as wrinkled as it otherwise would.

#8 Teach Your Children to Help

Your kids contribute to the washing pile so why not have the contribute to dealing with it?

We start ’em young in our home and my 4-year old is already used to putting away his clean clothes every day.

Obviously, the way in which they’re able to help with the laundry process will depend on their age.

Most children can and are willing to help though, if you just take the time to teach and encourage them.

It may slow down the process initially but you’ll find the long-term rewards are pretty awesome.

woman holding a pile of laundry

#9 Don’t Fold Your Children’s Clothes

Sometimes I can’t actually believe that I recommend this to moms but it has kinda changed my life a little bit.

You see, this is coming from a woman that folds everything the Kon Marie way.

Here’s the thing though, your kids…your little kids, they don’t care if their clothes aren’t perfectly ironed.

And let’s be real, even if they were ironed to begin with, they’re going to be creased about 5 seconds after they put them on.

I do iron and fold good clothes like dresses and dress shirts, but those are only worn once a week in our home.

So, the rest of the clothes get washed, sorted but NOT folded.

This saves me time and it also means that even your really young children can help put away their own clothes.

#10 Have Your Children Do Their Own Laundry

This applies to children that are little older than mine.

I mean, my kids put their dirty laundry in the hamper and put their clean clothes away, but they can’t do the entire process on their own.

However, if your child is older than 11 or so, then they’re old enough to do their own washing.

You can decide what that looks like, but it is a great way to take one less thing off of your plate while also teaching your child responsibility and life skills.

woman with a basket of laundry

#11 Do Laundry Once or Twice a Week

So I know that I said to do laundry daily, but if you have older kids that are able to do their own then it is absolutely manageable to just do it once or twice a week.

It’ll mean more loads in a day, but if everyone is doing their own then you’re not actually having to think about it.

#12 Only Iron Essentials

I know, I know… You’re thinking “people still IRON?!”

Yep. It’s a thing.

I do it on the very odd occasion, but I grew up with a mother that ironed my father’s work shorts. For the record, he’s a desiel mechanic and wore overalls over his regular clothes all day.

She grew up with a mother that ironed sheets and underwear, so we’re seeing progress throughout the generations.

Anyway, if you are one of those people that use an iron on a regular basis, I recommend that you evaluate what really needs ironing and what can just be left.

Alternately, invest in a steamer. This means that you can quickly and easily get rid of creases on individual items of clothing just before you have to wear them.

Here is a great one that a friend of mine regularly uses and recommends: Steamer

#13 Multi-Task

I don’t personally mind doing the laundry all that much, but there are aspects of it that I don’t love.

Ironing, for instance. I have to iron my husbands collared shirts on occasion as well as some dresses, etc.

One thing that really helps is doing it while watching a show that I enjoy, or listening to a podcast.

I don’t usually encourage multitasking because it is a productivity killer, but in this instance, it is really helpful.

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