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How to Make Money with Your Blog

Honestly, the one thing that beginner bloggers are looking for an answer to is how to make money with your blog.

How do you create an income from your space on the internet?

I’ve managed to do it with my parenting blog.

I believe in the process so much so that I created this blog here. I want to be able to teach you how to do what I did.

It should be noted that you do not have to use all of these methods to monetize your blog.

Some bloggers use all 5 methods, but many only use one or a couple.

You find what works for you and go with that.

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5 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Blog:

1) Build Your Traffic

The concept is simple.

It takes traffic to make money from your blog.

You won’t make an income of any form if you don’t have visitors coming to your site.

Therefore, you need to build your blog traffic.

I know that as a beginner blogger the answer to how to do that isn’t necessarily simple to come by.

One of my favourite ways to give your blog traffic a jumpstart is by using Pinterest.

I’ve written an entire post and created a free email course that will walk you through the steps to creating a Pinterest account that will drive traffic to your blog.

Check it out here: How to Set Up Pinterest to Explode Your Blog Traffic

Aside from Pinterest, you can use other social media platforms to promote your content.

However, one of the best, long-term strategies for building blog traffic is to get into the habit of using good SEO practices.

Growing your blog traffic may not happen overnight, but with consistency and perseverance, your efforts will pay off.

How to generate an income.

2) Apply to Affiliate Programs

A great way of making money from your blog is to join affiliate programs and use affiliate links within your content.

Not only that, but you can promote affiliate products via your social media accounts and even to your email subscribers.

I like this way of making an income because it is semi-passive.

One thing to bear in mind is to always disclose your affiliate links according to legal requirements.

This will not only keep you safe legally but will give you better credit with your readers.

I’ve listed 22 of the best affiliate programs worth joining in this post: 22 Affiliate Programs that You Need to Know About Now

3) Place Ads

This is one of the income sources that I use on my parenting blog.

It is a super passive income stream and I love it!

The only thing I really need to focus on actively doing is optimising my content and of course, continuing to promote my content.

The beauty of it is that the way to optimise my content for higher ad revenue also works to improve my SEO standing.

It is a win-win situation.

I am with Mediavine and I have been blown away by the company.

Not only is my ad revenue very generous, but the company itself is always looking out for its publishers.

The company was founded by bloggers which means they have even more insight than general ad networks.

A couple of other ad networks are:

Write sponsored posts.

4) Sponsored Posts

Working with brands and creating sponsored posts can prove to be very profitable.

There are several networks that you can apply to and they will connect you with brands that are looking to work with bloggers.

Another option is just to approach brands directly.

If you feel as though they are a good fit for your audience then there is no harm in pitching to them and seeing what they say.

Honestly, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

Just keep in mind not to come across arrogant. Remember that you want to tell them what value you’ll be able to provide for them.

Be specific with what you’re looking for in a collaboration, but also make sure they know that you are open to negotiation.

Blogging income streams.

5) Create a Product

This is one of the most profitable ways of making an income from your blog.

Finding a need and creating a product that solves that is an absolutely genius way of making money from your blog.

Once you’ve done the ground work and actually created the product, it also can become a semi-passive income stream.

Knowing how to promote and market your product will also go a long way towards its success.

There is an endless idea list of products that you could sell.

Many successful bloggers sell things such as:

  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Coaching services

Other ideas include:

  • Digital products
  • Etsy shop
  • Physical items (i.e. brand merchandise)
How to Make Money with Your Blog

Bonus: Produce Quality Content to Make Money from Your Blog

With all of these suggestions for how to make money with your blog, one thing applies to all of them.

Producing quality content is key.

You won’t get great traffic if your content is lack lustre and offers little value.

Without traffic, your affiliate links will not be visited.

Brands will not be interested in working with you if your site content isn’t appealing.

Ad companies won’t take you on if you are not in good standing with Google and haven’t built up a site that holds value for its readers.

And no one will bother to buy your products if you don’t already give a glimpse of the value you have to offer them through the content on your site.

Focus on consistently creating great quality content for your blog and you will have a much higher chance of building it into a profitable business.

How to Make Money with Your Blog: Conclusion

There are 5 key processes for making money with your blog:

  1. Build your traffic
  2. Use affiliate marketing
  3. Place ads
  4. Sponsored posts
  5. Selling your own products

If done well, you can create a very successful and profitable business from your blog. However, it all rests on the quality of the content that you offer.

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Tuesday 14th of May 2019

Great blog post! How many monthly visitors did you have before you got accepted to mediavine?

Christine Keys

Wednesday 15th of May 2019

Hi Kirin. You need 25k sessions in 30 days in order to be able to apply to Mediavine. :)