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10 Easy Tips For Organizing Your House After Christmas

Organizing your house after Christmas feels daunting. There’s stuff everywhere and it feels like chaos.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to connect with family and enjoy making special memories but the aftermath can be…challenging.

Use the tips below to beat the overwhelm and get your house in tip-top shape without feeling like you have to run a marathon.

The Best Hacks for Organizing Your House After Christmas

organize your house after christmas

How each family deals with Christmas is going to be different. Some will have oodles of gifts while others keep it minimal.

The only right way is the one that works for your family.

Regardless, with all the festivities and disruption to regular routines, the house can tend to turn into a chaotic mess.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming when it looks like there’s so much to do. I have a few tips that can help and the first one actually starts well before Christmas even arrives…

#1 Start Decluttering Before

Don’t wait to declutter your house after Christmas has already come and gone. Take the time to do the decluttering beforehand. It really is the perfect time to do it.

This is a habit that I’ve gotten into and it makes a world of difference to how quickly I can organize my home after Christmas is over.

I go through clothing and toys before Christmas and before every birthday. I throw out things that are broken and donate the rest. My kids like to help choose which of their toys to donate to new homes.

Including them in at least some of the process is the best way for our family.

I also like to take stock of what clothing can be passed down to my younger children so I can make note of what clothing they need.

By decluttering beforehand, you make room for the new and don’t end up trying to shove an excess of stuff into a home that just can’t fit it all.

#2 Take Down the Christmas Decor

child taking down christmas decor

I love Christmas time and I love decorating but there’s this weird thing that happens as soon as it’s all over…the holiday decorations start to look like clutter.

I know it’s not like that for everyone but that’s what it feels like to me.

I can’t organize my home properly when there are decorations up that need to be put away. So, I get down all of the Christmas items and store them appropriately (here are some great options!). Storage bins are what I mostly use.

When you do this is totally up to you and I tend to do it a bit differently every year.

Once you have all of that Christmas items out of the way it’ll be easier to focus on the rest of it.

#3 Take All Gifts Out of Their Wrapping

Obviously, you will have unwrapped all the gifts but what I mean by this is to take all gifts out of their casing.

Remove the plastic covers and cardboard boxes. Take it all off and recycle what you can. Make sure you’ve got any wrapping paper that might have been left lying around as well.

Also, in some cases you can save gift bags and wrapping paper to be used next year. Just make sure you put it all in your wrapping station area.

#4 Take Stock of What You Have

woman taking stock of christmas gifts

Once you’ve got all the gifts out in the open and unwrapped, take stock of what you’ve got.

This can be tricky to do when you have young children as they tend to take their gifts all over the house. This is why it’s a great idea to declutter before Christmas.

It means that there should be room to put away gifts straight away instead of having to make room.

I also like to have my kids use their stockings to store gifts that they’re not using right away. It’s a great way to simplify the process as it keeps them in one place and makes it easier to go through them all.

#5 Put All Gifts Away

Once you know what you’ve got you can start to put it all away. Craft items in the craft closet, new clothes in the wardrobe, new toys in the toy box, and so on.

Have designated spaces for items in your home and it becomes so much easier to keep it tidy. When the things are taken out you know where to put them back.

A home will never feel truly clean if you don’t have places to put your stuff. It becomes an overwhelming task to clean up and you’ll end up putting it off until it’s one ginormous job.

#6 Invest In Good Storage Solutions

Sometimes gifts don’t fit in any of the storage spaces you already have. This can be especially true for the likes of toys.

If this is the case then it’s a great idea to focus on investing in good storage solutions.

Here are some ideas that we use in our home:

#7 Do a General Tidy

woman vacuuming carpet

Once the gifts have been put away and the Christmas decor has been taken down it’s time to do a general tidy.

No doubt there will be things lying about that don’t belong where they are.

Take time to go through each room and pick up the items that need to be put away.

I like to grab a laundry basket to do this so that I can just fill it up with things and then go to each room. It makes it a faster and easier process overall.

#8 Clean!

A tidy house does not necessarily equate to a clean house. So, now is the time to go through a give your home a good clean.

Grab the feather duster, the vacuum, and the mop and get to it. You can read about how to clean your house fast in this post.

You’ll likely find the cleaning process really fast if you’ve taken the time to tidy up beforehand.

#9 Donate More Stuff

Chances are that even after you’ve decluttered you’ll find more things that you don’t need anymore.

You may also find that some gifts are double-ups or things that you won’t use.

Don’t make the mistake of letting them sit in a storage closet unused for years. Take them out and put them in a donation bag.

#10 Don’t Buy More Stuff

I grew up with parents who only bought us presents on our birthdays and for Christmas because they couldn’t afford to do it any other time.

Now as a mom to three kids I choose to do the same, not because I can’t afford it but because it’s better for our family.

We’re not minimalists but I do really like to be intentional about what enters our home. It’s a space that I like to keep as a haven for my husband and children.

When we have too much stuff to be able to organize efficiently then it becomes really difficult to achieve that.

Saving gifts for special occasions has so many benefits.

Final Thoughts

With holidays comes joyous chaos. The joy can stay but I don’t think any of us really want the chaos to tag along.

Use the tips above to make your house a haven once again after all of the fun festivities. You don’t need a professional organizer to have a clutter-free home. Christmas clutter doesn’t have to be a thing if you’re proactive.

To summarize:

  • Declutter before Christmas
  • Take down holiday decor
  • Get rid of all the wrapping
  • Take stock of what you have
  • Put gifts away
  • Invest in storage solutions
  • Tidy up
  • Clean your house
  • Donate some more
  • Say NO to more stuff!