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5 of the Best Tips to Make the Most of a Small Workspace

If you only have a small workspace then you’re going to want to know how to make the most out of it.

When you work from home, productivity is key and having your workspace set up to accommodate that will go a long way.

Often when you go onto Pinterest and type in “home office” you’re met with these gorgeous spaces that take up an entire room.

While most of us would love to have an entire room to ourselves in which to work, the reality is that for many, that just isn’t a possibility.

Our home is not exactly large. The only place I could set up a dedicated workspace is in the corner of our not-so-large living room.

It has taken time to get it to be as functional as possible, but it works really well for me now.

Today I’m going to share tips with you to help you achieve the same results.

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How to Make a Small Workspace Work

The downside to having a small workspace is that it can become cluttered and messy very quickly.

Once things get messy, you often cannot find the things you need in order to work productively and then you just get frustrated.

So, let’s talk about how to set up your small workspace so that you can work quickly and efficiently.

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#1 Get the Right Furniture

You would think that just having a desk would be enough to make make a workspace functional, right?

And to a certain extent…it does.

But there are desks that work well, and others that don’t.

For instance, I had a great desk that worked okay for a while, but then it just didn’t anymore.

There wasn’t space to write AND use a computer. There were a couple of drawers for storage, but I would have to push my chair out away from the desk in order to access them.

Desk with iMac computer

All in all, I found my desk becoming a great big pile of a mess even just a day after I had cleared it.

The reason was that there were things that I needed on a regular basis, and nowhere to store them so that they were easily accessible.

The result was just a pile of stuff that never looked tidy.

So I invested in a different desk.

I got the IKEA Linnmon desk with the addon.

It has resulted in a MUCH more productive workspace even though the desk itself was not much bigger at all.

There was just better storage and layout which has made it a lot more functional.

Think about how you work, what kind of things you’ll need to store and then take your time finding a desk that will work well for you.

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#2 Use Height

Have you ever had a cupboard that was super deep? While there is lots of room to store things in it, the cupboard itself isn’t all that functional because it is hard to get to the things at the back.

The same can be said of a desk.

If you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep things organized and have enough space, think about using some height.

This is the reason that I got the IKEA addon for my desk. It allowed me to have my computer raised which gave me better storage and more workspace.

#3 Invest in Shelving

Shelves are your friend. If you have any amount of wall space that you can use, I suggest adding some shelves to it.

You can use them for both decorative and practical purposes, but the fact is that they’ll be there for you to use.

Just be sure that they are adequate as far as load-bearing goes.

Books and paper, in general, is heavy and you want to make sure that the shelving you choose to install is going to be strong enough to hold all of that up.

If you’re not a fan of having things on display, you could consider a wall cabinet instead.

#4 Organize Your Drawers

I always prefer drawers to cupboards because they’re more functional overall, but you can organize them even further if necessary.

Organize those drawers of yours using separators, little boxes, or whatever other nifty things you find that will do the job.

You don’t even have to go out and buy things to organize your drawers. Be creative and make use of items that you have lying around the home.

We recently cleared out an old set of mini plastic drawers. Instead of tossing the whole thing, I took out the drawers and have used them to organized storage spaces around my home.

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#5 Think Through How You Work

Part of creating a productive workspace is knowing how you like to work.

I use notebooks constantly. If I have ideas or just need to brainstorm, I need a notebook to jot things down.

For that reason, even though I don’t have a large workspace, I have dedicated almost an entire drawer to my collection of notebooks (they all have a purpose – even if my husband rolls his eyes).

Think about what helps you to be the most efficient and productive in your work and then give that the most space in your workspace.

Perhaps you’re super visual, so instead of putting up shelves, use your bit of wall space to hang a pinboard or whiteboard.

The point is, all of us are different. We all have brains that function in different ways to achieve the same result.

In your small workspace, you’re going to have to be super intentional about what you allow in it.

Only allow the things that help you to get the job done best.

I know that many people function well in organized chaos, but I also know that clutter can really take up a lot of room in your mind.

It will bring you satisfaction at the end of the day when your workspace is clear and your job is done.