Tailwind Tribes vs SmartLoop: Which One is the Best?

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This post about Tailwind Tribes vs SmartLoop is the last in a 10-day blog series that I have created.

I’ll be sharing all my Pinterest tips and tricks with you so that you can optimize your Pinterest strategy to help drive more traffic to your blog.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest mainly because it is so fickle.

However, if you can realize that and insert that knowledge into your blogging strategy, then you can still use it to your advantage.

Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next 10 days:

Tailwind Tribes vs SmartLoop: Which One is the Best Tailwind Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

I’ve seen lots of people ask the question of whether Tailwind SmartLoop or Tailwind Tribes is the better investment.

In fact, I had this question myself.

If you are a beginner blogger with a small budget or just frugal and general then it is fair to want to do some research before investing your money into certain blogging resources.

You can try out Tailwind for free right HERE.

I have used both Tailwind SmartLoop and Tailwind Tribes, and I have also invested in the upgraded versions of both tools.

Every time I have come to realise which tool is better value for money and which works best for my niche and that is what I’m wanting to share in this post today.

I’m hoping that this information is going to give you a better understanding of the Tailwind tools available to you.

And as a result, you will be able to make the decision as to which one you will invest in.

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Tailwind SmartLoop Review

Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature is relatively new and was officially released in 2018.

However, previous to that, it was in the beta testing phase and I was able to use it.

Before SmartLoop came out, I was using a strategy I learnt from Susi at Start a Mom Blog, where she teaches you how to semi-loop your pins.

Other bloggers used Boardbooster to do this but as it was never an approved Pinterest partner.

I chose to stay away from it as did many others.

The compromise was to semi-loop your pins.

However, while it did get your pins circulating regularly, it was a very time-consuming process.

So when Tailwind SmartLoop came out it was pretty exciting because I was expecting it to save me a whole bunch of time and bring me and a good amount of traffic.

Screenshot of Tailwind SmartLoop


Let’s talk about some expectations.

The whole concept of Tailwind SmartLoop is to be able to circulate your pins on a regular basis without doing it too often.

This way you avoid any potential spammy behaviour.

My personal expectation of the SmartLoop feature was to see increased traffic to my blog without having to do too much extra work.


Tailwind SmartLoop does come with a bit of a learning curve. However, Tailwind does provide a substantial amount of training on how to use it.

Even so, as someone who had been using Tailwind for some time, I still found it a little confusing when it came to setting up SmartLoops.

This may have been because of how I was previously semi-looping my pins.

I had upwards of 20 pins going out per day to 20 different boards.

All 20 of those pins would be pinned to 20 different boards over 20 days.

However, when using the Tailwind SmartLoop feature you will notice that their default settings will space out your pins a lot farther.

Obviously, Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner which means that they are going to be recommending pinning practices based on Pinterest’s best practices.

As far as user-friendliness goes with the SmartLoop feature it does take a little bit of getting used to.

In reality, the entire Tailwind interface is a little bit laggy and buggy at times.

However, that hasn’t put me off of using it in the past due to the value that it provides me.

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Knowing what Tailwind SmartLoops was potentially able to to do, gave me fairly high expectations.

What I’m sure in you’re here to read though, and what you are wondering is what the actual results were.

So let’s just be real here for a moment.

I’m going to show you a graph of my traffic that comes directly from Tailwind SmartLoop.

This graph shows you a period of time before I purchased the Power Up and then after I purchased the Power Up.

You can click on it to get a closer look if you need to.

Google Analytics graph showing traffic from Tailwind SmartLoop

As you can see the results are substantially underwhelming. 18 whole views!

Granted, we’re only looking at just over a month of data, but I think, once you take a look at the results from Tribes, you’ll understand why this is really unimpressive.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Tailwind SmartLoop.

Pros & cons include:

  • It will save you time
  • You will get passive traffic
  • You will get some SmartLoop free on your basic plan
  • It could be really helpful for seasonal content

However, here are some of the cons:

  • You may not see a substantial amount of traffic from it
  • You may not make back your money
  • SmartLoop is fairly limited on the basic plan
  • It isn’t all that user-friendly
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Tailwind Tribes Review

Now let’s move on to Tailwind Tribes and I’m going to forewarn you that I am a fairly big fan.

As with the SmartLoop feature, Tailwind Tribes are standard with the Tailwind basic plan.

When you sign up for a basic Tailwind account you will get access to five Tribes.

You are able to submit  30 pins a month.

I have two Tailwind accounts, one for each of my blogs.

My parenting blog is over 2 years old and I signed up for Tailwind when Tribes were still in the beta testing phase.

I was grandfathered into Tailwind Tribes. With my parenting blog, I have always had access to 10 Tailwind Tribes and 80 submissions and month.

With my new blog, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to unlimited Tribes and unlimited submissions.

I have been able to piggyback my other blog as well by joining parenting tribes as well as tribes that relate to blogging.

This is because both of my blogs are in different niches but they do overlap in some ways.

Screenshot of Tailwind Tribes


I’m not entirely sure what my expectations where about Tribes. I knew that they were bringing in more than SmartLoop, but I wasn’t sure if that would grow much.

I know that I wanted to try and increase traffic, so that was definitely an expectation. I just wasn’t sure how much it would grow.


For the most part, Tailwind Tribes are very easy to use.

I like that you can easily see how many pins you have contributed and how many you’ve pinned back.

It would be really niche if there was some kind of batch scheduling feature instead of having to individually schedule each pin.

However, it isn’t all that bad to use.

If anything, it comes back to the clunkiness of their interface. It is slow and of course that means it is sucking time that could be spent doing something else.


For the sake of transparency, I’m going to include the graphs of both of my blogs Google Analytics.

Do bear in mind that one blog is over 2 years old and the other is around 2 months old.

While my second blog does have some overlapping content in that it does discuss some parenting topics, the vast majority of the content on it today it has been strictly about blogging.

That also needs to be taken into consideration when interpreting these results.

You will see that my parenting blog saw a tremendous increase and traffic directly from Tailwind Tribes.

graph from google analytics showing results from tailwind tribes

See that little circle? That’s when I purchased unlimited Tribes.

I was averaging 50-70 users per day.

My traffic started growing almost immediately and I had an amazing day where you can see I had over 2.4k users come from Tailwind Tribes!

Sure, the spike did go back down, but not to what it was before.

My Tribes traffic is now averaging more like 350-500 users per day.

The traffic from Raising Kids Making Money is less impressive, but also remember to bear in mind that we’re dealing with a different niche and a brand new blog.

Graph from Google Analytics showing traffic from Tailwind Tribes

Despite the fact that we’re looking at much lower numbers in comparison to my more established blog, you can still see an upward trend in traffic.

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of using Tribes:

  • They’re great for getting your pins directed at a specific audience
  • You could see a tremendous increase and traffic
  • You will get five Tribes and 30 submissions a month on the basic Tailwind plan
  • Tribes are also really helpful for finding good quality content to pin back to your boards
  • There is a really good rate of reciprocation

Now for some of the cons:

  • Tribes can be time-consuming
  • They are not immune from spam
  • You probably won’t see a huge amount of traffic just from the basic Tribes plan

Now let’s look at pricing:

Tailwind SmartLoop Pricing

Here is a good visual of the SmartLoop pricing for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Tailwind Smartloop Pricing chart

Tailwind also offers the SmartLoop Elite option once you’ve purchased the SmartLoop Max.

Tailwind SmartLoop pricing chart

Tailwind Tribes Pricing

Here is the pricing table for Tribes for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

You’ll notice that they’re priced almost exactly the same, except that there is no Elite option.

Tailwind Tribes Pricing Chart

Alternately, you can just take the plunge and purchase the Unlimited PowerUp Bundle like I did.

It offers a lot of value for money and you don’t have to worry about reaching your limit of month submissions to Tribes.

Tailwind Power Up Bundle Pricing


In conclusion, if we are solely looking at the results from Google Analytics my recommendation would be to upgrade Tailwind Tribes.

However, as you will get access to both tools using just the basic Tailwind plan, I recommend that you try out both of them for a little while and see if there is a clear winner as far as traffic is concerned.

Make sure to be consistent and how you use the tools and give it at least three months before you decide.

As I mentioned before I ended up upgrading to unlimited Tribes and unlimited submissions. There is a deal where you will get unlimited SmartLoops along with that.

That deal is the same price as what you would pay if you only upgraded to unlimited Tribes.

Therefore, it is a much better deal overall and I feel as though it has given me a fairly good a review of the tools and the results of using them.

If you are a new blogger and you’re really wanting to give your blog a traffic boost, then investing in a Tailwind Tribes upgrade could just be the right step for you.

However, what I actually recommended that you invest in first and foremost is the course Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell.

Her entire strategy is based on a manual pinning method which costs you absolutely nothing and doesn’t take up all that much time.

Her course is incredibly affordable and I have never seen such value anywhere else.

You can find her course HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Tailwind Tribes vs SmartLoop: Which One is the Best?”

  1. Hi there Christine, thanks for the very informative post.

    2 questions if you do not mind.

    1. when you talk about users… for example you mentioned that you get around 350-500 users. by saying users, you meant link clicks to your blog yes?

    2. how many tribes did you join to get to this result?

    thanks. looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi James,
      So when referring to users I’m meaning 350-500 individual people visiting my blog. Pageviews is a different number to that.
      As for tribes, I joined a bunch at first but have whittled them down to about 10 that are performing well for me and are niche-specific.

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