9 of the Best Things to Do When Your Blog Traffic is Low

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It is that time of the year…or it isn’t, but your traffic is down. Don’t give up because there are plenty of things to do when your traffic is low.

Blogging is so much about putting in the work and then waiting

Waiting for all of your work to pay off…and that is hard.

It is REALLY hard to trust that what you’re doing now is actually going to make a difference in the future.

The thing is though, the more you wait and then see success, the better you get at the trust part and the waiting.

If your traffic has taken a dive recently, it could be seasonal, or a viral pin may have died off. Google may very well have dropped you in rankings.

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There are honestly a million factors that go into why your blog is getting the traffic that it is, and those factors differ from blogger to blogger.

Instead of getting discouraged, hustle!

Use this time to work on your blog and make it BETTER so that your traffic will increase in the future.

Here are some clever things that you can do that (from experience) have a great ROI.

#1 Optimize Old Posts

If you have more than 40ish posts, take this time to go back and reoptimize them. Start with your oldest ones and make your way through them.

It is crazy how much you will have learnt between now and when you first started blogging.

Chances are that many of your older posts could be improved upon, and you never know what might happen.

I’ve done this regularly for months now and have taken posts that weren’t ranking AT ALL to the first or second page of Google.

You can read about my process in this post.

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#2 Make Fresh Pins

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your blog traffic.

I often think of Pinterest like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Pinterest has told us over and over again that they like fresh pins…so make fresh pins!

Do that at least 5 days a week and you’ll find that Pinterest loves you as much as Cookie Monster loves cookies.

Get more info on how to use this strategy in this post about making fresh pins.

You can also use the strategies that I talk about in my free Pinning to Success course to revamp your account and get things moving again.

Sign up below!

#3 Work on Engaging Your Audience

Here’s a little truth bomb for ya…traffic matters a whole lot less when you have people that just love you.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need traffic…you do, but it isn’t as much of a big deal.

If you don’t already have an engaged audience, this is the time to start working on creating one.

It could be on social media or via your email list but don’t wait…start now.

Engaging Your Audience is a course that I HIGHLY recommend on this topic. It is super affordable at just $47 and you will get super wise and actionable tips that you can use to build your own audience.

Check it out HERE.

#4 Add More Internal Links

Internal linking is often something that is entirely overlooked when you first start blogging.

It is probably because you have no other content to link to initially, but as time goes on and your blog post portfolio grows, you need to get into the habit of doing this.

Linking to your own content within your blog posts will please the Google gods as well as increase page views as readers hop from one page to another.

Read this post about the ins and outs of internal linking and how to practically implement it.

Lena Gott goes into a lot more detail about this in her course, Traffic Transformation. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their blog traffic.

#5 Create New Freebies

Do you have email opt-ins or freebies? Do you need more? Are they converting well?

Take the time to answer those questions and then act on them accordingly.

Make a new freebie offer that might entice readers to sign up to your email list (hello engaged audience!).

Go through your highest performing posts and see if there is a place for an email opt-in.

Make sure it is hyper-relevant to whatever topic you’ll be talking about on your email list and then just have at it.

#6 Do Keyword Research

The Stupid Simple SEO course is a fantastic resource for doing this. It is only open for enrollment a few times a year, but geez…it is absolutely AMAZING.

Keyword research is incredibly valuable and necessary if you want to use Google to drive traffic to your blog.

Invest in learning SEO so that you can put the work into creating a more stable traffic base.

You never want to put all your eggs into one basket, which is why I focus on both Pinterest AND SEO, but for me, SEO is 100% worth the effort.

You’ll find that when you’re writing content with SEO in mind it can take months and months to see the payoff, but once you do it is kind of magical because it just keeps giving!

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#7 Create New Content

Duh! Create new epic content that readers will love.

Have an idea about what might be trending on Pinterest in your niche? Write about it!

Don’t overthink this, but do keep your readers in mind. What burning questions do they want to have answered?

What content are they looking for that you can provide them with?

Write for them and make the content epic so that they’ll come back for more.

#8 Do a Plugin Audit

You should be doing this regularly because how often do you download a new plugin just to try it out but never really end up using it?

Having too many plugins on your blog can really slow it down. A slow site will impact your traffic if it means that people are clicking away before the page can load.

Do a plugin audit. Go through your plugins and make note of the ones that you need, the ones that you love, and the ones that can just go.

Decluttering is always good!

#9 Batch Write Seasonal Content

In December of 2018, my site traffic sucked, mostly because it lacked seasonal content.

Here’s a little word to the wise…write seasonal content.

If it’ll fit your niche then just do it! But don’t do it during the season.

Let’s say you are thinking about Christmas…batch write and publish content about 6 months ahead of time but backdate it to the year previous.

It’ll give it time to get some SEO juice from Google and then closer to the time you can really push it on Pinterest.

Seasonal content is definitely an asset if you can get organized ahead of time.

Never give up blogging on a bad day. All businesses have ups and downs. The key is to keep looking forward and hustle while you wait.

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