Is the WP Tasty Pins Plugin Worth Your Time & Money?

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Bloggers often need to invest in tools that make their jobs easier. The WP Tasty Pins plugin is one of those.

I started using a couple of months back and have been nothing but impressed with the ease of use that it provides.

Using this WordPress Pinterest plugin in conjunction with the methods found in Pinteresting Strategies has really helped me to hone in on my own Pinterest strategy.

That’s all well and good, but I’m sure that you’re interested in what the plugin actually does.

So let’s get into this review of the Tasty Pins plugin.

The Best Pinterest Plugin – A Tasty Pins Review & Tutorial

What is the WP Tasty Pins Plugin?

The WP Tasty Pins plugin was created by the folks over at Pinch of Yum. They started with the WP Tasty plugin for recipes and worked their way from there.

In fact, if you’re a food blogger then I really recommend checking out their other products.

When it comes to Tasty Pins they were looking for a way to align Pinterest with Google SEO.

Check out the plugin HERE.

No other plugins out there were offering the features that they were after so they decided to create their own.

Features of the WP Tasty Pins Plugin

Here is a quick run down of the features that it provides:

  • Set Pinterest descriptions
  • Optimize the alt text for both SEO and accessibility
  • Hide pin images
  • Disable pinning of specific images
  • Add a Pin it button
  • Force pinning of hidden images
  • Optimized for site speed
  • Unlimited support
  • 15-day refund policy

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Set Pinterest Descriptions

You can do this both from your WordPress media library and within the editor itself.

Tasty Pins provides a designated area in which to type your keyword-optimized description that will be populated to Pinterest.

It is as simple as typing it in, no coding involved!

Your pin description should be optimized with Pinterest-specific keywords in mind. That is why the next feature of Tasty Pins is so helpful.

Screenshot of pinterest description using the Tasty Pins plugin

Optimize the ALT Text

Did you know that the ALT text is not supposed to be used as a place to put your Pinterest description?

I know I didn’t until very recently. In fact, many Pinterest experts and blogs about Pinterest teach you to do just that.

However, this practice may very well be getting you penalized by Google.

You see, the ALT text is actually meant for accessibility for those that are sight impaired, or for when an image won’t load properly.

The ALT text is supposed to be a description of the image itself.

You can, of course still use it for SEO purposes by including relevant keywords in the description of the image.

By using the Tasty Pins plugin you’ll be able to utilize both your Pinterest description and the ALT text giving you the best of both worlds.

Screenshot of the alt text

Hide Pin Images

This is what I really love this plugin for!

The ability to quickly and easily hide pin images that you do not want visible in your post.

Before I was coding everything and while it wasn’t hard it did take up a bit of time.

This plugin has made uploading and optimizing Pinterest images a lot easier.

screenshot of how to hide pin images using the tasty pins plugin

Disable Pinning of Specific Images

Do you ever get frustrated when people pin the images on your post that aren’t an actual pin?

Yeah, I do too.

This plugin offers the feature of turning off the ability of specific images to be pinned.

You can easily do it from within the editor by simply checking a box.

When someone goes to pin from your site they won’t be given the option of pinning that image.

screenshot of how to force pinning of hidden pins

Add a Pin it Button

If you haven’t already got a Pin it button then the Tasty Pins plugin will provide that feature for you.

Force Pinning of Hidden Images

This feature is particularly helpful if you do not wish to include any pin images within your content.

You can hide the image and then choose the option to have that as the default image to pin.

You can also do this if you have found a specific pin to do better than the others.

Optimized for Site Speed

This is a lightweight plugin and is built to keep page speed in mind.

One of my favorite features is that it saves your hidden pins in the thumbnail size so that it keeps your load speed nice and quick.

When someone then goes to pin from your site it’ll give them the regular sized pin at that point.

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Unlimited Support & 15-Day Return Policy

The Tasty Pins plugin is $29 per year. With that fee comes unlimited support and the latest updates.

You can choose not to pay the annual fee after the first time and you’ll still get to keep the plugin but will no longer be entitled to support or updates.

They also have a 15-day return policy so you can make sure it is what you really want.

How to Use Tasty Pins

Describing how to use the Tasty Pins plugin is just so much easier when done in video format so that is what I’ve included here.

I was in the process of adding a new pin image to an already existing blog post.

You will see how easy it is to add the pin to the post as a hidden image and optimize it for both Google and Pinterest SEO in this Tasty Pins tutorial.

How Will the Tasty Pin Plugin Bring More Views to Your Blog?

The simple answer is because it will help to improve your SEO. Not only on Google, but also on Pinterest so it is a double win.

Better rankings equals more traffic, it is as simple as that.

You will have the ability to optimize your Pinterest description with specific keywords that will really help target your audience and bring your more Pinterest traffic.

For that reason alone, adding Tasty Pins to your blogging toolkit will be really useful when it comes to your Pinterest marketing strategy.


If you do not mind taking the time to code in your Pinterest descriptions and hidden pin images then you can give Tasty Pins a miss.

However, if you are looking for a plugin that is super simple and easy to use but also gets the job done then for the price of $29 it is clearly a good investment.

Focusing on SEO is one of my big goals this year and the Tasty Pins plugin is yet another tool that I am using in order to do that.

If that is a goal of yours or you are just looking to save time then check out the Tasty Pins plugin HERE and see if it is what you’re looking for.

Pinterest image about boosting your seo with wp tasty pins

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